Lore Weekend![Yes it’s late! I’m sorry ;-;]: Chronicle 3

Today’s chronicle will be about the Gray Dress story arc due to extremely high popular demand, by popular demand I mean newcomers to the series bombarding me with questions about what it is. So here’s every detail about it, start to finish.

Before I tell you the relevance of the name, let’s address the protagonist of all this. The sixth Arbiter, Richard Argant. We see him for the first time during the Federal rebellion and he was previously the antagonist. Before being turned into a friend.

He is quite literally, an unreliable narrator, since some of his logs were altered so nobody would know a rather important detail. Who was in the Gray Dress? And why did he hide it?

Let’s begin addressing the sub-protagonist, whose name was kept blatantly a secret. Gwen Morriano, yes her last name confuses even me(DERP I WROTE THIS SHIT). We don’t get much on her background, but she was born on Earth and comes from a family of Intelligence Operatives, she followed in their footsteps.

This is where things take turns, where both the protagonist and sub-protagonist are portrayed as cold and calculative people, but yet they seem to have a mutual understanding for each other and a growing softness. Gwen is ordered to intercept the Arbiter when he is stuck without an extraction plan, she succeeds by electrocuting him with a stun net, but she doesn’t take the shot when she has it. He even notices this.

Refer to last weeks lore past, because this has a connection. Richard is confused because he was taught that all Federals were murderers, yet she had some kind of sympathy for him. Like she understood what was done to him. As such he disobeys orders and does not hand in the objective he was asked to retrieve. He lies, saying she stopped him from getting it. The Order however, learns of the lie through an investigation by Zealots and orders for Richard to be executed. This both almost works but also fails, since Richard is trapped beneath a large amount of debris, only to be rescued by Charlie(a member of the Federal network, I’ll discuss him in a later post, don’t get chur’ panties in a bunch.)

After this, both Gwen and Richard are on the same side, Richard is also added as a temporary intelligence asset and does operations for the Federal network here and there of the high profile kind. His knowledge of the order made him indispensable in damaging their infrastructure. Gwen and Richard do in fact become partners, and work together on numerous operations. This is where the unreliable narrator aspect comes into play, Richard INTENTIONALLY misguides the reader into thinking his partner was someone else, that Gwen and him were purely acquaintances. The second form of misguiding happens when we shift forward in time to the first Federal ball that Richard had ever been to. And this event delivers the name of the entire story arc. He meets a woman in a Gray Dress and they seem to have a romantic relationship, though short lived and often thought of as a one night stand. Careful readers will notice the cover-up and discover that this woman is in fact Gwen. Another comical aspect is that neither character knew each other’s name up until this point, yet they had both basically grown so much affection for one another it was quite clear they were in love.

Gray Dress ends with a bang. No not that kind. We see Richard on a balcony, happy about the fact that he has a good life, that he’s in love and the person he’s with makes him human. We see the mysterious lady walk onto the balcony to tell him something, we can assume this is quite a while after the Federal ball. It isn’t revealed why she’s there, but when Raimis(More connections, pls be patient for all this to be documented eventually) is in some sort of coma when being accepted by the Founders’ blade, he sees a few events that appear suspicious, such as what Gwen had wanted to tell Richard, since before Richard, Gwen was its user. She was there to tell him that she was pregnant, and that they could both retire and live their lives out alone on some remote untouched planet together.

A bullet comes between them and this dream, although meant for Richard it hits Gwen in the gut. She dies in Richard’s arms and her final words seem vague for her character. “Make them pay..” she isn’t talking about revenge for herself, she knows her unborn child will be dying with her, this is why she asks for revenge, for punishing someone that wasn’t able to think yet. Richard does not know this, and lives his life in constant self hatred. We see him attempt a new relationship, only to fall back into his old self and break it off. Unable to return any emotion. “I loved someone, a bullet took that away.” Implying he could no longer be strong enough to have that emotional connection anymore.

Interesting trivia to note is as follows:

Had this child been born, Raimis would have never been needed. In fact Raimis would be dead and the seventh Arbiter would have been someone else.

Richard’s katana that is on display aboard ‘The Ark’ space station, has the name Gwen engraved upon it. The unique quality of this sword being the fact that it cannot be broken physically by any means at all. Symbolizing that his connection to her was unbreakable.

There is no happy ending to Richard’s arc. He dies in his sleep, but at least he most likely gets to be with his other half. Though both characters seemed to deserve a chance at a normal life, they sadly never got one.

Gwen is believed to be the power that runs the Founders’ blade, that somehow her death managed to power the blade with her sentience. But this is purely fan speculation.

Gwen’s call-sign was Hex and funnily enough, Richard’s call-sign soon became Hex. Raimis also for a short time had the exact same call-sign, being a mere throwback to her importance in the plot.

Though Gwen is thought to be a superficial character, there for the sake of a love interest. Her death is the catalyst that caused Richard to destroy the order once and for all, with no mercy whatsoever. After the Brotherhood dies, the Gray Dress arc ends. A reader that didn’t pay attention to a few parts here and there would have missed the entire story that was actually right there the whole time.

http://prntscr.com/8abgdn Richard’s Katana

http://prntscr.com/8r76qy Gwen.

Pictures of Richard Argant were deleted due to the investigation and wipe of his Imperial data once he joined the Federal network.


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