Lore Weekend! Chronicle: 2

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back, much to the disdain of the Illuminati, I’ll be spilling all the beans that there are…to apparently spill.

Nonsense aside, this week’s lore slam is about the Imperial Order, or known by its assassins as the Imperial Brotherhood.

Now the main source of confusion for this sub-faction was always the issue that people confused them for the Imperials and I’ll tell you here why that’s not the case.

The Imperial Brotherhood were established in a very hush-hush manner just before the Imperials could gain total domination over Earth, their purpose has always been fairly simple. Till date, there have been ten Arbiters, trained and used by the Imperial Brotherhood. This’ll be a conversation for topic for another week since there’s quite a bit of backstory to each title holder.

The Imperial Brotherhood was a shady organization and as you can tell by the name they were sponsored and protected by the Legion of Imperials. Despite this, both the main faction and sub-faction did not share exactly the same ideals. The Imperials wanted the freedom to appoint the title of Arbiter to whoever they saw fit, but the Brotherhood told them to go *censored* themselves because it didn’t work like that.

An arbiter is chosen after possible years of training and mental preparation. ‘One does not simply PICK a man to be an Arbiter.’ Needless to say not everyone is up to the mark for the job. Though their denial to this term caused a bit of friction, the Imperials had no choice but to put up with it, since the assassins they offered got the job done pretty damn good, they were willing to put up with their stubbornness, for now at least.

The ironic fact of the matter however is that the Imperial Brotherhood was killed by one of its own Arbiters. Once again all you get is a mention, this will be a later topic of discussion.

Arbiters were trained as follows:

  • The potential candidates were abducted at a very young age to prevent any resistance they might have mentally.
  • Their parents and family were quickly ‘disposed’ of to avoid distraction when training.
  • They were brainwashed after the first two steps to believe that whoever the current enemy was had killed their families, when in fact the people they served did so.
  • The candidates then went through tremendous strain for as many years as required before they even got a chance to deploy or see any duty. Most would die during training and would be given no excessive medical care.
  • Once all of this was done, you had a brainwashed, completely willing to kill and completely obedient ‘asset’ at your disposal. They would never defy your orders, or so the hope was.

It goes without saying that one day everything went wrong for the Imperial Brotherhood. Someone found out the truth and became the end of them, entirely. The Imperial Brotherhood were reduced below operating capacity and consequentially the Imperials shut them down due to lack of further productivity. Many years after, the Imperials joined the Republic.

The Brotherhood is still remembered by a few people from that time who still talk about it, but apart from that it was just a war story to scare troops. Or so you’re told.

Right! That’s it for this week, lemme know in those comments down there what topic you want to see next.

-Rinzler(The VIth one k?)


4 thoughts on “Lore Weekend! Chronicle: 2

  1. so the Imperial Brotherhood has Yuri (from C&C RAa expansion Yuri’s Revenge respectivly :D) apart of them, may god help them.

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