Demotion Vote

Due to such a heavy demand for me to be demoted, I’ll take charge here and address that.  Whatever rank I’m demoted to will be up to the FG.

Demote ajbenius (+): 3

Keep him where he is (-): 10

Vote ends 10/1/15 at 6:00 PM ET

Vote over, ajbenius wins.


63 thoughts on “Demotion Vote

  1. I vote to keep AJ where he is. Yall need to stop being butthurt little kids. You only try to demote him cause you dont like him.

    1. You’ve been afk for 2 months and you come on, critisize us about being butthurt without even knowing what AJ has done. The Eagle I knew would ask around about why this is a vote, but no, you go out on a limb and assume AJ is the good guy.

        1. That is the opposite of true, for the past year, definitely not and if someone told you that they’re lying, but for the past week? That’s more accurate. There’s a reason some of us don’t like AJ, I suggest you take out your vote and only do vote when you fully comprehend what has happened.

        2. Whether or not ive been active or inactive doesn’t matter. Last time I checked I still had the right to vote under the GSA bill of rights as long as I am a member. Unless that is, you guys have already taken my member rights away from me while I was away with another vote.

    2. Eagle, dont let your friendship with Aj blind you to the obvious. Aj is CONSTANTLY using loopholes, and changing laws around, disgracing GSA.

      1. “One law”
        Aka, constantly trying to work around the laws that prohibit your nuisance, going inactive for 3 months, rinse, repeat.

      1. And there’s the difference- Bill likes you because you’re friends, i dislike you because you take advantage of your position, constantly evading the law.
        There’s a difference between bias and realistic opinion.

      2. First of all, every FG member makes use of his powers. It’s part of the job description. Second of all, you also have your own little biases that stem from me not supporting your H-Arch position back then. The truth is, you don’t like how I have my own version of fun in PB2- a version of fun that I have adjusted in compliance of new rules.

      3. Everyone uses their power differently. Some use it less admirably.

        And- H.Arch… I forgot about that. xP

        Anyways, the problem isnt that you have fun raiding, its that it dishonors GSA.

      4. It complies with GSA because you exploit loop holes.
        Only raids on sexual games comply with Pb2 rules, otherwise, it does not.

      5. I read the PB2 rules and I fully comply with these rules that they put up. Demian came to our chat today and made it very clear, and I have every intention of following what he said.

      6. im not biased. i will admit that i am friends with aj but aj has pissed me off very many times and we all know that. im voting – cuz he uses his fg status correctly. aj has been informed by a pb2 mod about the rules so he wont break them anymore. thats why i feel it is fine he keeps his rank

    1. It dosnt matter if hes an “ok guy”, all that matters here is that he represents GSA well, and does his job as an FG.
      If he wants to act like a low rank, let him be a low rank. He can be an FG once he acts like an FG.

      1. My raiding is fully in compliance with PB2 law. I’ve been helping a staff member identify sex games and players with inappropriate behavior. I think that’s some pretty decent representation.

      2. Explain your recent bragging about nuking approved games and clearing servers, then. That IS in violation of Pb2 regulations.

  2. Hmm- Make your own demotion vote to make people feel bad for voting against you… Well played, Aj.

    Anyways, i vote +, and suggest we demote him to Col. or General.. COO. at least- But that may not be enough to end his nonsense.

  3. I understand AJ may be problematic but he does provide reasonable responses and input on FG meetings, plus he actually does stuff on the site. Personal hatred should be kept aside from voting + or – btw guys

    1. Why not just make him a COO.? Its a position well suited to him- He cant edit anything without a vote prior, and he answers to the other FG.
      It may be the ideal solution-

      1. No, I am well qualified for Supreme and my experience and understanding of the law matches well to my position. It’s important that there is at least one main FG person that can take an opposing view.

  4. Lmfao guys calm down Aj is just the Danzo of GSA (you know what I mean if you watch it) It might not seem right to others but he’s still trying to do right in GSA nonetheless, just in the way he sees fit.

    1. He didn’t do anything wrong? He changed the end date of my vote to NEXT YEAR, deleted the post, and deleted the posts saying that it was repealed 3 times after that (I had to make 4 posts about it). Not to mention today, we had to call in a PB2 mod to convince him that nuking is against pb2 rules because he nuked an entire game because of ONE spammer. Oh, and don’t forget abuse through kicking and guesting in general.

      1. Do you want to keep beating the dead horse? When you made the vote, you forgot to even put an end date, so I DID FOR YOU. After it was repealed by Banana, you continued to want to drag on the situation, which is why I deleted these posts. And I rarely kick or guest- I only do it to administer discipline to lawbreakers within this clan. Yes, that sometimes is you, Bravo.

      2. Honestly, it can’t be simply helped now. About more people voted – to keep AJ in his current position. That’s rather disappointing I must admit, that even shows that the quality of the GSA members is in decline. Again it can’t be simply helped, if they are gonna going to vote to keep him in, there is nothing we can do now. You might as well accept GSA of how it is.

        Unless, AJ has gone too far of his acts and others follow suit, then GSA will be no different from EKAT, keep that in mind. But from now on, it is best if you let things go how it is. If I was still in service, I could at least tried to make things better but now as a War Veteran I cannot do anything for this clan, just a humble out of service, but yet considered valuable here in this clan and try to give suggestions is all I can do.

      3. No, I actually did set up the end date because you neglected to when you first made the post. I also remember typing in the same date, except 2016.

    2. – If he has full compliance and understanding of the rules of PB2 and for the fact he’s the Joker to Batman’s GSA he is basically the only FG WHO DOESN’T care to not be honest and takes the risk to try and repair the clan the way he knows how. Plus take into account this vote isn’t based on emotion but based on his career as the Spr of the FG.

      Note by ajbenius: Thanks for this vote, but unfortunately only GSAs can vote. I am very glad to see this input still!

  5. The allowance of an irrational actor such as Aj in the rank of Supreme is a travesty in our system. The solution is not to demote him or any other Supreme, but to limit their power so that they cannot influence GSA as much as they do.

    1. And that’s coming from somebody who is barely affected by any of the changes that I make, considering how you don’t even play PB2.

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