New Division

Due to shifting circumstances in Plazma Burst Two, Terror of PB2 will officially be abolished and be replaced by a reincarnation of an old division, GSA-PD.  The new GSA-PD will focus on enforcing public morals on the populace of Plazma Burst 2- it will seek to destroy bases of sexual content, bases of AGSA content, and also attack games that it considers offensive to GSA (what is offensive or inoffensive will be determined by ajbenius, or if he’s not present, popular vote in chat).

[Banana]: What is offensive or inoffensive is determined by if the bases are of sexual content or are AGSA and plan on hurting GSA’s Reputation. That extra bit was unnecessary; you aren’t the law, Aj, the law is the law.  You’ve proven time and time again that what you deem as offensive is either a random base that has nothing to do with GSA, or some school map some people are role-playing on. Since law 60 was repealed, you will not be using this division as a way around it.

[Ajbenius] Offensive means:

  1. has sexual content
  2. has any content that is against GSA
  3. has people that kill others, including GSAs, for no reason
  4. has spammers that distract the flow of the game

[Banana]: Instead of raiding the entire base because of one person spamming, why not work with the people at the base and kick the one responsible for spamming.


16 thoughts on “New Division

      1. With that little note at the end, its basically just the same division with a new name.
        The name does look less horrible for GSA’s reputation- But the actions are pretty much the same, so this is barely a step forwards.

    1. We’re not going to make a freaking post and give people 2 days to vote on raiding a game that would be long gone by then. If there is any vote, it’ll be on chat.

      1. I’m talking about making a list of “Kinds” of maps that will be considered raid-worthy, and vote on the list. That list will then be the default “Raid these kind of maps” from that point onward.

  1. heyyy you found a way to do something that nobody agrees with! Not only that, but thankfully the people that don’t agree with it don’t have to do it (aka the majority). Doin’ the Lordeh’s work. What fun!

  2. “…will focus on enforcing public morals on the populace of Plazma Burst 2…”

    “…attack games that it considers offensive to GSA…”

    The police state vibe is strong in this one.

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