What Are Your Thoughts?


What do you guys think about bringing back the Presidency?

I want everyone to comment below, that means you FG whippersnappers too!

I’mma Banana,



22 thoughts on “What Are Your Thoughts?

  1. The presidency was an utter failure. YassineLeg and Damocles were spies and PPM/Melle were involved in some very shady business. Other presidents sat there and did nothing. Because I’m a polite person, I won’t be using specific names here but I think you know who I mean by that.

  2. First things first. Was the presidency flawed? Yes. Did we have spies? Yes. But we also had innovation and greatness emerge from it. Our eventual CF, Nickman101, started out as a President. It allowed him and others like him to have a platform to implement their ideas. Sure, the presidency will be flawed, but that’s because people are flawed, and we can’t fix that. In my opinion, it’s the tradeoff you have to make if you want the people to have greater freedom, if you truly respect the members of your clan. The Presidency has the potential to bring new ideas, instead of the stagnation we have conceived with the ideas of the mere four people that are truly in charge.

    But this does not mean we need to transfer directly. There are lots of problems. How would the balance of power work? Would VPs exist? What about other democratic worries, like FG votes? And the most important of all: How can a democratic system work with so few members?

    At the moment, we only have 15-20 people that regularly visit the clan. I recognize this is not enough for a Presidency. For this reason, I propose a «temporary» Council-like system until we incorporate more members into the GSA.

    1. I know that this might seem like the tired old rhetoric you’d expect from Pzk, but that’s for a reason. I’ve always campaigned for democracy in this clan because it’s what I felt set us apart from other clans – and what gave us a real personality. I know that other people have different perceptions about what makes GSA great, but that one is my own.

  3. The presidency brought alot of popularity, lots of hopeful members, and it really made things more interesting. However, as Pzk said, we’re a bit low on candidates.

  4. I think bringing back the presidency is a good idea, but he should have as much power as a Supreme but no authority over the FG. idk if we should have a Vice President. If we do, then he should have the same amount of power as a COO, as in s/he is allowed to call votes. We need to give the average member a chance.

  5. NopeNopeNopeNopeNope

    We got rid of it for a reason, if there’s a “Nick” out there somewhere, he’ll be promoted to his status of authority on his own for his work. I’m pretty sure Nick was G-Adm before his presidency, right?

      1. Nick has dabbled in the presidency quite a few times and he was G-Adm for a very long time- basically the leader of GSA considering Jason’s inactivity.

  6. @thesneakingninja
    Concerning power, id say Pres. has about that of a COO.. The VP., if we bring that back as well, should have about the same power as the Pres., with the exception that they must answer to the president, when not absent.

    Also, perhaps terms should be a little longer than previously- Having elections monthly seems a little to often, and can result in members being repeatedly elected far too often, with as few members as we have.

  7. We should bring back the presidency, but we are going to need more people so we don’t end up with the same 2-3 people being pres.

  8. The presidency can be brought back, but only if and when we have more members. Yes, it can be reformed to better suit the people and actually provide a position in which members can actually change things, and yes it can be re-introduced without the laziness and seemingly corruption that tagged along with it. However, we have hardly enough members as it is, and bringing it back would be pointless seeing as the same members would be recycled over and over again. Not to mention, seeing as we have the same people here, it’d just lead to old ideas here and there, not new ones. Therefore, its in our best interests to hold off on it until we gain a influx in members. That way, the new members would provide new candidates and new ideas.

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