Lore Weekend! Chronicle: 1

Right so I’ve announced that I would do this a month ago, then I never really had the time to do so. But here it is.

Lore weekend, where I spill out the details from the FaceBook page I post Beyond Darkness updates to.

Anyways, this weekend is all about unique weapons.

The rules for lore to apply for this section are simple, the weapon must be partially un-explainable and mysterious in exact origin, so even though due to popular demand I won’t be covering Cole’s first rifle or Richard Argant’s Katana.

We’ll go faction wise and see what each has.

The Federals(U.F.N now.):

One name would stand out above the others, being the Founders’ blade but WAIT, there’s more:

  • Before the Founders’ blade came into its first user’s hands there was indeed a relic like weapon used before, given to very specific founders, always one at a time after a set span of years, it was at first glance a simple pistol, yet it lacked the need to reload. Nobody knew how it gained this property or its ability to adjust its weight to perfectly suit its user’s muscle tone. Though it was a fairly demoralizing weapon to various Anti-Federalists, the weapon was destroyed along with its user aboard the sabotaged Federal ship known as the ‘Alabaster.’
  • Of course, the Founders’ blade has to be mentioned, nobody knows who exactly created the blade but it has apparently existed even before the Imperials took over Earth, there are many theories about the blade’s properties, that it was simply a product of a nuclear meltdown or the silliest of which that a mad God created it and forgot about it, coz God’s are forgetful, iono. Nonsense aside, the blade is more than just a chunk of crystal, each of it’s users changed the way its apparent powers operated, as such there is no accurate way to judge what the blade’s true powers are or its purpose. The blade is not simply given to someone, the blade seems to have a mind of its own and will only allow it’s user to wield it, you may risk death to feel it in your arms for a split second, but even if you survive you get stuffed in Federal prison for Supreme Grand Larceny.

Next Faction,

The Imperials:

  • You really wouldn’t expect them to have anything except bulky armor would you? There is a history of them having weapons that could not be explained, though the information is unfortunately scarce(not as much as Jon’s luck with ze ladies amirite?!). The first of which to note is the Lord’s Blade, seemingly the Founders’ blade’s bipolar opposite, The Lord’s blade does not appear sentient in anyway and can be given to whomever you want, it possesses attributes similar to a thermal blade except it generates its own fire. That’s about all there is on it though.
  • Alastor is a fairly uncommon name, unless you’re a die-hard Morrell fan and stalk him or something… the blade was according to ancient script, forged by Gods, it is part of a pair though its counterpart has never been found. Alastor much like the Founder’s blade has some form of sentience and only chooses people that can survive its initiation, the initiation being you get stabbed through the *censored* heart and if you don’t *censored* die the damn things’ yours. Pretty iffy if you ask me, but still it grants its user inhuman speed, has electrical properties and can even give you wings, or at least that’s what it does to Morrell.

Next Fakshion,


  • E.S.N is a fairly mysterious faction, with almost no affiliations with its neighbors, almost like a one night stand partner, they’ll give you the awkward nod and then dive out your window before they even bother to chit-chat with you. Regardless they are an old faction, older than the Federals are, but still younger than the Imperials. Though the Imperials stole most of the apparent relics before E.S.N could find them, they did get their hands on one. They never named it, but it became quite popular among small audiences of soldiers who were soon told to shush by the Governments. It was a pair of Gauntlets that could continually be kept ablaze, they appeared to work to their own tune and could not just be used by anyone and everyone, however before anyone could gain some form of information on this weapon, it vanished along with the Research ship carrying it. No traces of the ship or the relic were ever found. Bermuda triangle up in there apparently…

Right that’s it for this weekend, if you really like this I can give you TWO lore posts every weekend instead of one. So yeah, don’t go poking after relics cos da Iluminatiperials might be watching.

Rinzler(The VIth one, k?)


10 thoughts on “Lore Weekend! Chronicle: 1

  1. Yey, you finally did this.

    And- That Jon comment. (D)
    At least I didnt get someone pregnant in a one night stand, and get her shot later- >:c

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