New Recruitment Policy [Updated by YOU]

1. Base Recruiting

Even though it’s seen more as a role-play option of recruiting, we’re doing this as a way to let potential takes its course. I was recruited off a GSA base back in 2013, and look where I am now. Since my work here in GSA is finite, we might have to go looking for potential leaders who are stuck in the custom maps and let them train with us here. I realize that this will not be giving GSA a big boost in skilled players, but the ones in these custom maps are usually the ones with the most time on their hands; with the proper encouragement and work ethic, these little buggers can go out and train in unranked/ranked matches to get better, and in turn boost our skill levels. This may not be efficient in finding skilled players, but it is efficient in finding some potentially loyal members.

This can also be a way of advertising the clan and bringing back its status as a PB2 clan. I, for one, get tired of playing matches where people believe GSA is dead. If we make more GSA maps, we can let the community know we’re still kicking. This will, in turn, broaden our once great influence in PB2 and allow for us to reach more and quickly.

2. Ranked/Unranked Recruiting

This is essentially what is being done by most clans today. Where certain skilled members make a match in a map they prefer and advertise their clan, and recruit those who wish to join. This may not be effective after starting out because we’re starting from the bottom and have no reputation to get more skilled members to join. Slowly but surely, this will become one of the most effective ways of recruiting skilled players, and in doing so may give us a lot more respect in the PB2 Community.

3. PB2 Forums

This was done before a few months ago, but a PB2 Staff member deleted it for some reason. If we get around to trying this again, I or another FG member may decide to create another GSA Clan Topic on the PB2 forums, but it probably won’t be successful at gaining members, only for advertising the clan as an active clan in PB2.

On a separate note…

This policy will add a KDR and kill limit to decide who is able to join. Since we’re starting from the bottom once again, we’ll be recruiting players of a lower skill level at first, and slowly but surely the limits will rise until we meet our satisfactory skill level.


Through popular demand from the GSA members, limits will not include a KDR Limit at all. This can be understood through the logic of a KDR doesn’t always prove a player’s skill. A KDR can be influenced through luck or even farming. GSA will not condone farming and measures will be given to make sure future members cannot do that.

To the point, Limits will include this:

To start off the Kills Limit will be 2,500*. This may seem a bit extravagant to some of you, but we must now move away from recruiting the common Role-players at a base and start looking for semi-active PB2 players to start flowing through GSA once more.

The Kills Limit will slowly increase until it meets a satisfactory point in which GSA is getting a healthy supply of GSA members. If Revivalists are successful, GSA may reach another golden age, as some have pointed out.

As for updating the Recruiting Page where future applications will be either accepted or denied, I will need help with creating it.

*This starting limit may be changed if members feel the need to it being lower, or an FG has valid reason for doing so.

PS. Don’t be afraid to tell me if I’m missing anything, I’ll try and work with you guys, even if you’re not GSA, to help this be an efficient plan for recruiting and replenishing GSA.

I’ma Banana,



18 thoughts on “New Recruitment Policy [Updated by YOU]

    1. When we recruit people we’ll be looking for people with at least 2,500 kills or more. I guess we can make an exception for people a hundred or so under it since they’re basically at the mark.

      1. Theres not much to do to truly prevent it systematically, high kills dosnt really mean farming- Often, it means more experience.

        Although, one note… I dont think anyone in GSA even has 2500 kills now- XD

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