[Vote Canceled]

I like Banana’s idea and all, but I want to get that KDA requirement removed, so, let’s put a vote to it. And, just to clarify, I’m not removing the kill limit.

For removing the KDA requirement + 1

Against removing the KDA requirement – 0

[Banana]: Hai. I saw all of the negative criticism toward the KDR* requirement, so if you would’ve let the vote end I would have changed it and updated it to better suit the member’s interests. This isn’t just the FG’s clan you know.


2 thoughts on “[Vote Canceled]

  1. You should have discussed this with Banz more.
    Anyways, i think the best option would be a similar system, but a kill limit, rather than KDr.
    KDr = Skill. Kills = Experience.

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