The Revivalists

I’m sure some of you who are active in the community may know that PB2 is undergoing a revival! The leaders of this Revival are Spirit of GeNo, and Mingo1 who is a Staff member in PB2. There’s a lot to explain about the whole spiel of it all, so Spirit made a good ol Google Doc to help inform potential members. I was given a spot on their Headcom, which are the main Representatives of a clan and help with the whole thing.

If you would like to join this organization, click here.

For you guys just click PB2 Forums/Site link to learn more about the organization.

Please only comment below if you wish to join the Revivalists, in doing so you will have to put a (R) in front of your PB2 Nickname.

ex. (R)RananaBeaper

I’ma Banana,



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