To Recruit or Not to Recruit [Passed]

[Bravo] It’s been more than a week, it’s passed. I’ll just make it obvious it and let Banana unsticky this once I let him do the honors of copying and pasting this post into the recruiting thingymadoohicker


Alright guys time to start our slow but sure process of restoring GSA. First off let’s change the way we recruit because if we don’t how will we ever grow? Insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, it’s time for change.

This is a vote to change from our current Recruiting Policy to a new one that will most likely help GSA grow in its goal of staying alive and kicking ass!

Current Recruitment Policy | 1 Vote(s)

New Recruitment Policy| 9 Vote(s)

————–The Current Recruitment Policy————–

For Players Who Want To Join The GSA:

If you wish to join the GSA, then you might consider going on the GSA chat: 

-> GSA Chat Link <-

By going to our chat, you can prove to us that you are worthy to join the GSA by helping out members and playing plazma burst 2 with us, and one of our members may decide to invite you officially to the GSA, allowing you to officially join. We recruit notable players that have a good personality, are mature, loyal, trustworthy, and respectful of others above all else. We also like to recruit players that have potential or skill in Plazma Burst 2. 

Do not ask to be invited to the GSA, because you will be denied.

However, you may may if clear that your intentions are to be invited to the GSA, by exclaiming it in the chat, changing your name, or by your actions. 

For Players Who Were Invited/Recruited To the GSA:

Congratulations, you may now join the GSA!

Make sure to read the Amendments of the GSA Constitution and the GSA Code of Honor:

All you have to do is look in the comments section below, and make a comment with this oath:

“I, (InsertYourNameHere), solemnly swear to faithfully become a member of the Galactic Security Army, and will do to the best of my ability, protect, preserve, and uphold the GSA and the GSA Honor Code.”

Recruitment Instructions for Members who are wondering who to recruit and how:

Only players with the ranks Captain and higher, may recruit anyone to the GSA.

If you wish to recruit a player, make a comment below with this information as numbered:

1. Your name

2. Username or Name of the Player you are inviting to join

3. Plazma Burst 2 Profile of the player you are inviting.

Also make sure to tell this player that you are inviting them to the GSA, and to go to this page to join the GSA officially.

Guide on who to recruit:

Players will be recruited if you notice that they have some outstanding aspect to their personality, or have great potential or skill in Plazma burst 2.

We are a clan who want’s to recruit mature, sensible players, above all else. Recruit people who know how to type correctly, ones that are respectful for others and respectful to rank. Recruit players who are loyal and trustworthy. We value these traits above all else in players, and recruit players that exhibit these aspects.

As well, recruit players who are excellent at playing Plazma Burst 2, because they are good for warring other clans, and for training our own members to be better. Though we value a good individual, we also value raw Plazma Burst 2 skill.

Do not recruit a player if he/she asks to be invited to the GSA

You must wear your tag on both the GSA chat and on Plazma Burst

You must wear the standard GSA blue uniform on Plazma Burst

————–The New Recruitment Policy————–

To start out this new policy, I will list two important ways this will allow us to recruit.

1. Base Recruiting

Even though it’s seen more as a role-play option of recruiting, we’re doing this as a way to let potential takes its course. I was recruited off a GSA base back in 2013, and look where I am now. Since my work here in GSA is finite, we might have to go looking for potential leaders who are stuck in the custom maps and let them train with us here. I realize that this will not be giving GSA a big boost in skilled players, but the ones in these custom maps are usually the ones with the most time on their hands; with the proper encouragement and work ethic, these little buggers can go out and train in unranked/ranked matches to get better, and in turn boost our skill levels. This may not be efficient in finding skilled players, but it is efficient in finding some potentially loyal members.

This can also be a way of advertising the clan and bringing back its status as a PB2 clan. I, for one, get tired of playing matches where people believe GSA is dead. If we make more GSA maps, we can let the community know we’re still kicking. This will, in turn, broaden our once great influence in PB2 and allow for us to reach more and quickly.

2. Ranked/Unranked Recruiting

This is essentially what is being done by most clans today. Where certain skilled members make a match in a map they prefer and advertise their clan, and recruit those who wish to join. This may not be effective after starting out because we’re starting from the bottom and have no reputation to get more skilled members to join. Slowly but surely, this will become one of the most effective ways of recruiting skilled players, and in doing so may give us a lot more respect in the PB2 Community.

3. PB2 Forums

This was done before a few months ago, but a PB2 Staff member deleted it for some reason. If we get around to trying this again, I or another FG member may decide to create another GSA Clan Topic on the PB2 forums, but it probably won’t be successful at gaining members, only for advertising the clan as an active clan in PB2.

On a separate note…

This policy will add a KDR and kill limit to decide who is able to join. Since we’re starting from the bottom once again, we’ll be recruiting players of a lower skill level at first, and slowly but surely the limits will rise until we meet our satisfactory skill level.

Here’s an example.

Month 1: KDR Limit: 0.7 Kills Limit: Any

GSA receives a poop ton of memberrrss yey

Month 2: KDR Limit: 0.9 Kills Limit: 2,500

Now vote away!

I’ma Banana,



17 thoughts on “To Recruit or Not to Recruit [Passed]

  1. I absolutely, 100% hate that it’s KDR based. Right now, though it’s a little flawed as only Captains and higher can recruit, I’m sticking with it. I DO NOT want a KDR based clan. Face the facts: we don’t go on PB2 anymore and frankly I’m fine with only talking with you guys on Xat.

    1. Well GSA is a PB2 clan. Don’t try and ruin our potential growth just because you don’t play PB2 anymore. We’re not forcing you to play PB2. We’re only recruiting from PB2 so it’s obvious that it would be through KDR and a Kills Limit.

  2. I vote +, however, im really not a fan of the KDr limit. Kill limit makes sense, as players with a higher kill count have likely been around longer, whereas KDr can be gained rather quickly- Especially via luck.

    Plus, some of our best members have sucked at Pb2- XD

  3. Inferno would go + on the new, but he hates on the KDR limit(because, in an ironic twist, has less then said kills and a constantly reset KDR)

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