Steam and Dirty Bomb

If you don’t have Steam, get Steam, because besides plazma burst 2, Steam is the leading PC game platform. I recently started playing Dirty Bomb, and I think that this would be an excellent game for you guys to expand into. There are some mixed reviews out there about the game, because of hackers using aimbot and that it has a shop in the beta mode, but in reality it is in beta, so hackers should be expected more here then any other time, and although there is a shop, you really don’t need to spend money on the game because the few perks that you get from the shop don’t make an enormous difference. Otherwise the game is excellent, many users can run it as it runs 32 bit DX9, it’s team-based, extremely fun, and you can honestly pick it up in a day and really start destroying everyone.

So get Steam and check out Dirty Bomb.



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