The Future of GSA [To Do List]

With the recent explosion of inactivity throughout the clan, and a lot of thinking going through my mind. I bring forth something most people fear, something most would not imagine happening in GSA. I bring to you…


Change that some of you may not like and will probably vote against, but if you’re not with these changes you’re against GSA’s future growth. You’re against the old glories and victories GSA adhered to. For some of you this may bring back memories of the significant and abominable wars from 2013 and before. If it be the EKAT war with which I’m more familiar with, or the old AGSA war that some of you may remember, you get the idea. With these changes may come more of that, but instead of wars where we deplore each other and use whatever means to win. Cyber War will always be a unanimous no, but in the future I plan on friendly tournaments between a community of friendly gamers coming together to mingle, to play together, and to create friendships that may end up lasting a lifetime. I know some of mine might.

Right now, GSA is only surviving, but we must do more than survive to survive. We have to make changes and adapt to our surroundings. That change is being fought off by the constant “GSA would never…” and the “That’s against tradition…”. But right here, right now, if we do not change where GSA is headed, it’ll be dead by the time the Founder’s Group and Nickman retire. This is the reason I’ve brought up change. To better explain these changes, I’ll put a checklist together for you all.

These will be ordered in which I find important.

1. Changing Recruiting Methods

I believe the policy we have is ill-advised for the members and the work ethics they bring to GSA, which is why we need to change this up. Right now our income of members are at an all-time low. We aren’t recruiting at all unless they be a pb2 player from a different clan wanting to join GSA only to go inactive later on. The policy we have isn’t working and we must change it, and here’s what I think it should be changed to. (This is where we start to part ways with GSA’s Tradition)

We start to recruit based on KDR and also the number of Kills an applicant has obtained. As an example let me put together a scenario; since we’re starting basically from the bottom once again, we start by recruiting those with a KDR of 0.8 or 0.75, without judging how many kills they have. After that they should be tested by a member that’s, hopefully, in their skill level. As time goes on and our members increase in size, we can increase the KDR limit and maybe put a number of Kills limit. Say, a KDR of 1.0 and 1,000 Kills, this is just a list and small explanation of what I want to do so I haven’t gotten into full detail.

2. No More Ranks

This has been brought up a lot and was even put to vote by Nickman himself. I believe GSA needs this now because right now we don’t even follow the order of authority anymore. Since we’re all use to each other we treat eachother as equals and only use our power for corruption. If we do away with our out-dated system of ranks, we won’t have issues with members since everyone will be equal.

NOTE: This will not include the FG, they may go through a name change to better fit their role because if this goes through they will be more of a Moderation Team or Council.

[Nickman101:] I think this one is going to actually have the most impact, and it should be interesting to see what happens. I think abolishing the rank system is a great idea, but there still needs to be some structure anyway.

3. Recruiting More/Welcoming Newcomers

As I’ve mentioned above, recruiting is at a big FAT zero! So fat that I had to type out the word instead of just using the number. This is why GSA needs to be more enthusiastic about having new members instead of just being content with the close friends we have now. Sure, this will put some of you out of your comfort zone and may cause suspicion (I’m lookin’ at you Aj! Jk man.), but we have to get new people here or GSA will just be left in the dust.

4. Reforming Laws Rules

There are 99 laws on the law page; 99 laws on the page! Take 1 down, pass it around, 120 laws on the law page! *To the tune of 99 bottles of beer kthx*

Anyway, yeah to get to the point there are too maaany laws okay. We gotta reform them and maybe put a limit to the amount of rules, yeah let’s call them rules now. Let’s say we combine rules and take away un-needed rules to a limit of 10 or 15 or even 20? I think that would greatly reduce the amount of un-needed rules in GSA and make it way less confusing.

5. More Active

Inactivity up the wazoo! We have to fix this and to fix that we need to recruit more and get active on the site and the pb2 community! No more lolly-gagging in chat all the time. We have to get with the program if we want to get back in the game, boys!

6. Organizing Site

I’m sure others have went through this, but whenever I want to find a page on our site, it takes me longer than it should. We’ve been using this site for a while now, and I’m still confused by the layout and the parent pages and all that wordpress jazz. Yeah, when we have the time we can just do this whenever we want, we don’t need a vote for this.

If I’ve missed anything you guys think I or any other FG should do for the clan, just comment below and we’ll think about it! 😀

I’ma Banana,



73 thoughts on “The Future of GSA [To Do List]

  1. “Right now, GSA is only surviving, but we must do more than survive to survive. We have to make changes and adapt to our surroundings.”

    So what you’re saying is, *puts on glasses* we have to Survive…and Thrive. *Ba-dun-toosh*

    “I believe the policy we have is ill-advised for the members and the work ethics they bring to GSA, which is why we need to change this up.”

    Been meaning to talk to you about this, then I forgot, then you went inactive, then I forgot again.

    “4. Reforming Laws Rules”

    Only if they’re un-needed, don’t go removing laws that make sense. They were made for a reason.

    “Inactivity up the wazoo! We have to fix this and to fix that we need to recruit more and get active on the site and the pb2 community! No more lolly-gagging in chat all the time. We have to get with the program if we want to get back in the game, boys!”

    No forums for me. ;-;

    1. I won’t be removing laws that make sense, I will hopefully have Eagle’s or Nick’s or your help with the laws, since I have no experience with this sort of thing. But yeah I want to combine laws so we don’t have so many.

      The more laws we have the more corrupt we can become.

        1. Jeep, on top of the fact too many laws can cause more corruption, it can over whelm newcomers, if we just have a dozen or more laws or rules in a page I, for one, would believe a newcomer would feel less over whelmed.

  2. I like most of this besides the rank removal. It wouldn’t make since so much given the fact we are based on as pace organization and quite frankly, we had more activity when everyone treated their rank as a actual form of higher respect. Nowadays, people don’t respect their rank and act as if they have the authority of say a fg.

      1. Nights right- It can serve as some motivation.

        And, Bravo, you only say that because you’re criticized for not deserving your rank- 😛

      2. Sniper (Though i guess he dosnt really count.), Night, Rinzler, and plenty of others who may not wish to be named-

        Pretty much anyone with common sense, it seems…

        Anyways, enough with the flame war- You’ve only proved the point further. Not to mention, you seem to have been angered by essentially nothing, here-

        1. By essentially nothing, I hope you mean the fact you always harass him for not doing as much as others in the clan. But hey, let’s not mention your inactivity in the past, or the fact that you have numerous amounts of unfinished maps. Maybe the fact you almost killed Arch until Sniper “tried” to revive it by acting like he’d teach other members how to make maps.
          But hey, that’s none of my business.

          PS. Stop with the constant Bravo flame, Jon. I gave him permission to demote you if you continue.

      3. Actually- I just meant i hadn’t actually insulted him in this instance- I was just stating that he has been insulted previously.

        As for the unfinished maps and Arch- I’ll take the blame there- Though, as a non-FG, less is expected of me-

        Anyways- I’ll be nice- But, the FG really need to be tweaked.
        Not saying specifics, but there are quite a few people that Nick just chose apparently at random, or for obsolete reasons.
        We have FG that are constantly changing laws to allow them to do as they wish (I.e. Killing civilians.)(We all know who this is- ), FG who are inept, and many who are essentially always inactive. (And not just Nick-)

        Also- Why are we arguing… As GSA, this is really below us. xP

        1. The only thing I don’t like about the rank system is that everyone thinks that if you have a higher rank you deserve more respect… basically it’s complete bullshit.

    1. And during my term as President, I expected for everyone to be treated equally regardless of what rank you are, it shouldn’t matter if you are a high rank or not, you are no better of deserving any ‘special’ respect from lower ranks. That would pretty make you receive a bad reputation as well as a becoming a bad influence towards the clan members.

      I guess that died out, unfortunately. What does respect mean in GSA anymore?

  3. 1.
    We definitely need to improve recruitment, but i dont think we should base it entirely on this- Perhaps, only base it on number of kills.
    I’d rather we recruit intelligent noobs than faggy ‘pros’.

    While you do have a point, rank can provide motivation, improved organization, and if needed, a chain of command.
    However, reducing the number of ranks may be good- Perhaps something along the lines of- Keep Recruit, normal member, higher ranked members, and highest ranked members, along with the FG, of course.


    Definitely agree here, but its so hard to find good recruits…

    Most of our laws are fairly important- I’d be careful on this one.
    We can condense the laws a bit, of course. Many laws could be combined into a single, more general law.
    Also- Dont change it to “rules”- That just sounds lower quality. XD

    This ones going to take some work. Hopefully everyone cooperates-


    We’ve been needing this for- Years…

    1. Gotta agree with Jon about the ranks thing. Reducing it would be better but we’ve still gotta keep the seniority in there somewhere…..though changing them would totally change how people get promoted.

      And where everyone would fall could depend on a number of things, such as exp, how long you’ve been here etc…

  4. ok just saying i wanted to do something just like this thank you banz for saying all of these tings so i didnt have to go through that fuckery of tying to get authorship thingy to work. you da real mvp bb

  5. FINALLY YOU ARE ACTUALLY COMING INTO THE NEW AGE!!! its also good that you took down the ranking system… since if you recruited them by KDR and not by experience or loyalty… CORRUPTION!!! for example Person A recruits person B into there clan by KDR… Person B’s KDR is HIGH so they become a General or something… then they have no experience in the clan and leads to its down fall… or he back stabs the clan…any way I went off topic… as I was going to say… good luck… you’re going to need it… 😀

  6. How ’bout games that don’t use K/D? Maybe expand our borders a bit?

    Problem is I have no time on my hands. Zero. Zip. Nada. Not only that, I’m barely surviving financially – so Pzk has kinda been in hibernation.

  7. I’m with you on this my yellow friend! God that come out racist…
    Nonsense aside, yes inactivity is a problem, but some of us can’t be around all the time, so maybe not being too harsh on that would be a good idea.
    Apart from that, I agree with basically every other proposal, they seemed drastic till I read the reasoning and found them to be sensible.

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