Inactive-ish and stuff (+Tank beats everything.)

Just a quick note, for the next few days i probably wont be on the chat as much. I might be around the site and stuff, but otherwise, im going to be mostly inactive. Might be on steam occasionally.

It’ll be back to normal soon, hopefully. Until then, c’ya.

Also, once i get back, i might have completed some stuff-

Oh, and, one last thing…


Jonb7's signature (NBG)

P.s. why is there an entire category for “inactive”? Shouldn’t that be a tag?

P.s. I reorganized signatures in our media gallery- All duplicates are erased, and all of them have been named properly.


5 thoughts on “Inactive-ish and stuff (+Tank beats everything.)

    1. “Tank beats hunter.
      Tank beats ghost.
      Tank beats wraith.
      Aw man, i could do this all day” ~Some marine

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