Life Is Strange + Random Stuff & Summer

Hey guys, your favorite Nanner here! Just felt like striking conversation and activity on the site for, as Bravo would say, the lulz. Anyway I just finished Episode 4 of Life is Strange, and pardon my french but holy shit! That stuff has got me so hooked, the end of the episode had me so bewildered!

So yeah there’s gonna be spoilers in the comments probably if people watched it. If people haven’t watched it don’t read the comments because you WANT to be surprised.

On to the next topic; yeah everyone knows how Jon is obsessed with that ‘Rocket Man‘ song. I wanted to join the song bandwagon and post a song I really enjoy. Yes, I am that bored.

Anyways, what has the GSA community, and any other community that glances upon this post, been doing this summer?

Comment below your summer highlights!

I’mma Banana,



29 thoughts on “Life Is Strange + Random Stuff & Summer

  1. She packed my bags last night, pre-flight. Zero hour, nine A.M.
    And im gonna be Hiiii-iiii-iiiigh, as a kite by then.
    I miss the Earth, i miss my wife. Its lonely out in space.
    On such a Tiii-iiii-imeless flight.

    And i think its gonna be a long long time, till’ touchdown brings me round’ again to find, im not the man they think i am at home, oh no no no.

  2. Highlight of my summer was seeing my Beautiful and Precious Kera in person, making out with her alot, hugging alot and doing other couple stuff, best day ever of my whole existence

      1. I strive to be. So bad.

        Try taking 17 yards, fitting them into 24 equal steps… and play music at the same time in a thick, non-moving polyester uniform that could double as body armor.

        I was raised on 8 steps = 5 yards….

  3. I…went to Alabaster Caverns….got stuck in a wild cave.(‘stuck’ as in I fell into a hole and they had to pull me out)
    *a month passes*
    Then I want to the marching clinics…five days each of 6 hours of painful sun, perfect form, music, and ballet. Yes, ballet. They taught that stuff.

    And I have two more weeks of that before I get back to skeul. I had to end summer early.
    I also sued Banacast. Lost the trial before the date was set though.

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