I’ll BEE back

Hey guys, this Monday–Friday I will probably not bee on, and Saturday I will fly out-of-country (I won a school thing) and stay until August 14th or 15th (I forget which). See ya soon guys!

Erm, I might actually be more active these following 5 days idk, depends how much work I have



14 thoughts on “I’ll BEE back

  1. Dear GSA…have u heard of a guy named striker…if no plz read this message…if yes plz read this message…he was a guy from 2012 that was like BB only a little bit worse…now he’s back…hes first targeting JOG…then SERC…then BB…if he then finds out you are alive well…he will try to kill you too…Proof is below:


    1. *cough*

      Are we worried? Can we be betrayed by a private that cannot obtain information that was already public?

      Also, didn’t you support MMC?

      1. but yet he also hates GSA…when he DOES find out GSA is alive…since some people think its dead…he will TRY to target you next…but im not saying that you will fail to defeat him im saying this as a warning… (also i supported MMC because of what it used to represent not because of BB… tho BB will probably retk this dude anyway :D)

      2. 14…why do you ask?

        also btw turns out Striker was actual the SERC CCL trying to gain power…he will be SEVERELY punished… (tho its a good thing it wasn’t the real striker…)

        If you’re reading this Basilix…be ready for the punishment 😀

        btw GSA… ive also like what you represent (tho some of your members may be jerks) your good people…

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