This is how I remember all of your GSA fanfics

this story is called i am smart cuz i made a story by moiself c; (i speak french too)

Jason wuz leader of le gsas and were invited to meet with boz

“5 buckz this is an ambush” xforce sayed to bananaraper inb4 meeting

“IT’S AN AMBUSHH!!!!11” nickman shouts

Teh Bozs were attacketing le gsas but Rufffler punchs someone so hard they died

Teh Bozs backed off and starting being were so mean, they were saying lame yo mama joke

but den all of a sudden the Jason kills Teh Bozss’ leader :OOO with a gun O___o so then Teh Bozs sayed “we join u”

BUT WEIGHT! THEN THE MAFIA COME IN (-_-(-_-(-_-(=_= <—that’s miranda)-_-)-_-)

AND THEY SAID IT WAS EKAT BUT THEN le gsas sayed NO, WE WILL IGNORE U 5EVR and les fuhrer ekats died off by themselves cuz they were so lonely <//3

and thats wh le gsa is den most amazingest clan evar!!!!!


9 thoughts on “This is how I remember all of your GSA fanfics

  1. That EKAT part is actually accurate. When they isolate themselves from any clans who were still in conflict with them, their forums started to decrease activity and later one of the EKAT members who were admins there deleted the forums.

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