To Kera

When I’m with You I’ll make you feel alright

I’ll kiss you and hold you tight

I’ll love you all day and night

When I’m with you I’ll make you feel alive

I’ll treat you like a Queen

I’ll beat up all the fiends

When I’m with you I’ll make your worries fade away

I’ll make you feel as perfect as you truly are

I’ll ease your pain and wipe away any scar

I know I hurt but I want to make it up to You

Baby I love You forever and ever oh its true

I’d overturn a real king

I’d flat out just sing

I’d come back as a ghost

I’d even write a sappy post

I’d do anything to see you smile

Even if it took me a while

I love You Kera

I had a dream the other night

I was there with You by my side

We were smiling oh so bright

And we were laughing like bonnie and clyde

I kissed you on your lovely lips

And with that I felt oh so much bliss

We cuddled and I hugged your hips

We chuckled and talked without a hiss

We talked and talked about our lives

I told You I loved You and You said the same

We hugged and cried and felt revived(alive)

And with that we were one of the same name

We fell asleep after some time

I woke up with a smile on my mind

I felt as if I was free of crime

I spoke to You and felt defined

I fell asleep feeling oh so loved

For I knew in my heart you were beloved

Added two more:

You are the one that I’m never leaving

You are the blood that I’m always needing

You are the air that I’m always breathing

You are the heart that I’m always feeling

Baby don’t you ever think that I’m leaving

Baby know that You are all I’m needing

Baby can you smell the Love were breathing

Like the Sun we’ll shine every day

Like the Moon we’ll just lay

Like the Universe we’re here to stay

There once was a boy without a soul

He traveled the world with this empty hole

Filled with pain and anger in his chest

To which surely no one could best

Until he came across a beautiful girl

Who talked to him and made him whirl

He was perplexed by her charm

Yet knew in his heart she’d bring no harm

He knew deep down the moment their eyes met

This was something he would surely bet

She was for He and He was for She

This was something he gave decree

He stood there in shock yet curious

He no longer felt hate nor furious

All he felt then and there was Love

And he knew he had found his trove

All of a sudden he felt her hand

Upon his own wrapped like a band

He looked her in the eyes with joy

He now understood he was her boy

And she understood she was his girl

He smiled with delight at his pearl

He wrapped his arm around her hips

And leaned in and kissed her lips

He rose up and she did the same

And so they stayed till forever came


39 thoughts on “To Kera

  1. ~Idle~♥ρσℓι¢є♥σffι¢єя♥кєяa♥♥♥ηιgнтнaωк♥тнε♥vaℓιaηт♥ says:

    Ooooohhh my god baby! omg youuuu! (hehe) I love you sooo much<3 btw, silly, ik what revived means 😉 ❤ I love those poems! baby you're so perfect i love youuu ❤
    (hehe) omg

    1. I looove You soooo much Princess and thanks Baby!!!! I wrote them purely for You :3 You’re soooo perfect Beautiful glad you loveed them!!!!

      1. ~Idle~♥ρσℓι¢є♥σffι¢єя♥кєяa♥♥♥ηιgнтнaωк♥тнε♥vaℓιaηт♥ says:

        “KAWAII DESU SHINJIRU Al! URESHllllll” Uhm.. does that mean something?

    1. ~Idle~♥ρσℓι¢є♥σffι¢єя♥кєяa♥♥♥ηιgнтнaωк♥тнε♥vaℓιaηт♥ says:

      This is why I want to punch you sometimes.

      1. I hate to (barely, maybe a atom-size amount)agree with Pzk on the post thing, but that is because there is a rule for that, but it can be easily overlooked here. And I am lonely

        With the eternal sad part out of the way, stfu Pzk. Have some compassion.

        Let them love until they grow bored of the GSA and leave for a more meaningful life. Then, can you complain. -.-

  2. Umm, odd for a post-
    And, also, posting regulations. I’ll take the liberty of categorizing it properly. *coughasalwayscough*

    But seriously, we know you’re a perfect couple, k? Stahp spreading your sweetness all over everything. XD

  3. I say keep it up here, Night had no where to post his feelings to Kera where she can remember the great poem he made for her. 😉

    1. Oh my god, I forgot how cancerous everything about everything about this post is.

      Fucking 2015, man-

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