New Chat Law [Passed]

Mustang scared the $#!T out of me and since I know nobody’s going to vote against it, I am making a chat law:

6. You cannot post “jumpscares” and/or links with malicious purposes/intent in public chat.

And another law Extra Rules for GSA Members only

6. You cannot try to trick another GSA Member into clicking a link with malicious purposes/intent.

The reason that they are two separate laws is because we cannot control what non-GSA members do to each other (or to one of us). If they happen to be on GSA chat at the time though… well, since they have no rights you can just guest/kick them.

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30 thoughts on “New Chat Law [Passed]

  1. I believe the correct term would be “jump scare”.
    Or perhaps, change the law to the following: 6. You may not post links with malicious purposes.

    1. *burns with hit metal rod*

      Say it is a battle scar….from men with fiery baseball bats.

      ( •_•)

      ( •_•)>⌐■-■

      Deal with it.

  2. +

    Also, a note to others- With this phrasing, it could include stuff other than jumpscares- I.e. links with viruses, information meant to cause disruption, restricted information, etc..

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