Regarding Blackbird

Blackbird’s Post Here.

GSA Members: Please refrain from posting comments on any MMC site. To do so will result in your IP being taken and a risk of being a target of cyber attack.

Even if Blackbird shouldn’t be considered a threat, cyber attacks are no joke. DO NOT post comments on their site anymore.

First and foremost, the Galactic Security Army has in no way spoken officially about a declaration of war against MMC. We have never declared war against a smaller clan just for “an easy win”, but we have only done it out of being provoked or attacked first. (see the first dozen MMC wars) To tell you the truth, GSA has learned from the past MMC wars; we’ve learned to stop giving you the light of day, Blackbird. Consider this the last big sprout of fame from us, if you can even call it fame. Anyway, MMC is officially dead in our eyes and we will treat them as such. Any “declaration of war” that surfaces will be from MMC and it will be unprovoked.

The continuous, or endless, threats to our clan has lead to us reporting your site. Your dirty warfare is frowned upon in this community which is why you’ve been banned in PlazmaBurst2 and shunned by so many. You must feel like you’re another Satan*; you feel like you’re in control because you found some other way to fight us by using cyber warfare. I feel as if you’ve tried this numerous times before, and with the same exact speech too, just in different words. Now in a couple weeks or so you’re going to either want to ally us, or disband your clan again only to try again. Too be honest I hope Gigoto makes you leave again, for this community was much more fun without you.

When you were talking about the FG’s “conciededness”*… I do believe you meant conceitedness. The word “conceit” means excessive pride in oneself, which I won’t lie that I have pride in myself and GSA. Everyone has pride, it’s just a matter of how we broadcast it to the community or to the public. Pride isn’t a bad thing. That feeling toward your clan, the one where you get so undeniably angry at us or others for insulting your clan, that’s pride. We probably don’t get as angry, but we get agitated when you try to slander our reputation. No offense to you or your clan, but you slandered your own clan’s reputation. You got your whole clan banned in pb2. I will give credit that they were not given the same treatment as you were given (A permanent ban).

*This is in no way an insult to Satan, his name was only used as a metaphor.

I’m afraid I have exhausted myself of anything else to drive at in this little drama-fest, and I hope Blackbird will finally just move on to consoles and leave this community once and for all.

NOTE: To further reiterate that commenting on his site is a bad idea, I am creating a law to insure that members follow this order.

57. Comments to certain sites can be prohibited, or forbidden, due to a threat of cyber attack. Sites under this law include: (1st Degree, 2nd Degree)

I’mma Banana,



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