Blackbird FGSA

So blackbird has decided to go FGSA and is trying to bring more MMC to do it as well, just a normal day in the office then…


Permission to attack SERC members granted.

I’m getting really bored with nothing to beat up…Someone find a decent sized clan (not these puny ones like SERC, mHm and MMC) and a reason to war them.


18 thoughts on “Blackbird FGSA

    1. You dont REALLY think we’d be dumb enough to let him into a position of power, do you? After all his idiocy. XD

      1. Yep. And a non-idiot would have predicted that, and been more subtle.
        Plus, “hacking and nuking because im banned from Pb2” is pretty much the definition of “nubby rage”.

        Also note, originally, i was just referring to your lies and betrayal, and your attempted repeats of such acts. xP

  1. XD blackbird tried to kick all his members INCLUDING Susana I say kick his ass if u GSA bastards could. (I bet not) bow that Mmc is dead he wants to solo the destruction of GSA I bet he can 100% GO KICK JUANS ASS BLACK

  2. MMC is gone and I didnt writed dat post. -_- Blackbird wrote dat post and Juan gave me a screenshot of it… So I posted it here. -_-

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