Jonb, don’t edit any of my posts or pages. “That’s an order” so you don’t squeal out of it.

[Jonb7]: Fyi, if i wanted to “Squeal out of it”, all i have to do is point out that no one in GSA is named “Jonb”.

[Jeep] Stop being a derp, Jon.

[Jonb7]: Stop being a herp, Jeep.


13 thoughts on “Jonb

  1. Whatever do you mean? :3

    Also, follow post regulations, and i wont have to edit anything at all… xP

      1. He’s likely refering to the “Burfday” post, which i discreetly butchered. Hue hue hue.
        Oh and, hai, BananaRaper.

  2. Lawsuit. I sue Banana for making Banacast so affordable.

    I’ll see you in internet court, Banana. Bring your fruity lawyer.

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