A Bunch of Noobs

Yeah, it looks like we’re gonna have to go to war with some noobs.



[Sniper]: Update:



[Sniper]: Eh, attack anyways. There’s nothing else to beat up. SERC Diplomatic Status:


GSA? Defeated?

[Sniper]: Note: I did ask Aj if he wanted me to send him the PM of declaration. So dun worry, I ain’t breakin’ any laws or ’nuffin…

[Jeep] They think they can beat us? Give me some time to actually play pb2 again (Mods are jerks) and let’s see if I can  solo them. -.-


27 thoughts on “A Bunch of Noobs

  1. Sorry for interrupting your donning of the war paint, but do you have the authority to declare war on other clans?

  2. Hm, what’s this? Some random kid with dreams of defeating the most popular clan in pb2? Wow, This doesn’t happen everyday, Let’s see how this goes.

  3. Heheh, we should go to war for their trolling. Perhaps teach them a much needed lesson.
    It’d be a good start for our comeback, as well, to be at war with someone. xp

  4. Blackbird, you never “exterminated” a clan; at least not any major ones, probably all 1-3 member things.
    Oh and you never “killed PB2” (Chew)

  5. But seriously, this is like when little kids say they’re gonna join the army men and shoot bad guys… XD

    MMC really needs to stop overestimating themselves.

  6. WAR!!!!!!!! LETS BURN THERE BASES TO THE GROUND *picks up majestic kicking/ban hammer* LETS DO DIS!!!

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