Site Updates

57. Authors/Editors on the GSA site can suggest laws for a vote for themselves, they do not need approval.

This law is being removed because too much confusion has come from it. This law isn’t really needed because any member can already suggest a law; they can contact one of the FG on pb2 via our account or on xat.

But to keep people from going ballistic and thinking I’m taking a right away, I’m going to add this to the Post Regulations

9. Any member with author can post a suggestion for a law, but in no way can it be a vote.

Post any questions you have in the comments, I or another FG will try to answer them for you. Thanks!

I’mma Banana,



6 thoughts on “Site Updates

  1. Confusion? What confusion has come from it? Why give them Author if they can’t do anything helpful? It’s not like they’re changing laws, they’re making votes for their ideas. You want them to make a post about their idea, but no vote? That’s retarded. Who decides whether or not it becomes a vote? If it’s confusing then re-word it to not be confusing, don’t just remove it altogether. It’s there for a reason.

    1. I removed it from the law page, but rephrased it in the Post Regulations.

      The confusion was that Sniper was making a vote for something to become the NEXT law, as if he can implement it himself. The thing is, he can’t. As Nick stated before, site ranks have no power; power comes from the clan ranks. Meaning his rank as General is for military power, not governmental power which is what law making requires.

      With that said, I can see you would be the one to argue about this because it is your law that you implemented. What would happen if a member like Gigoto, Alex Wang, or even PlazmaPowerMan would do if we allowed them to create their own laws?

      Any member in this clan, or even in another clan I don’t care, can make their own suggestion for a law.

      ex. “Hey, we should have a that only allows a member of a certain clan rank to be able to vote, like Lt. and above or something– let’s have a discussion in the comments!”

      1. The law was to make them capable of making their own votes. You didn’t rephrase it, you changed it.

        “What would happen if a member like Gigoto, Alex Wang, or even PlazmaPowerMan would do if we allowed them to create their own laws?”

        The people of GSA would vote – and nothing would happen. That’s the point of democracy. The law gave them the ability to make a VOTE, not to just implement it randomly like the FG can.

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