New Law: 59 – Recruitment Law

Proposed new law:

59. Only the ranks of Lieutenant and above may recruit new members to GSA. (P: 1st Degree)

[Banana]: Yeah no, you don’t have the authority to do this.

[Jeep]: 57. Authors/Editors on the GSA site can suggest laws for a vote for themselves, they do not need approval

[Banana]: Then we’re not voting for it, we’re having a proposal post for discussion. This law goes against a member’s right to vote, so I will not allow it to go through to a vote..

[Jeep] … A law on recruitment standards breaks a right to vote? Wut?

[Banana]: My bad, I had something else on my mind while making that last edit. I believe it goes against a member’s right to recruit.

[Jeep] You realize that there’s already a rank limit on recruiting, right? Oh and, I’d like to point out that your removal of law 57 doesn’t affect this vote. Changes made after a vote was created cannot effect the vote already in-progress.


11 thoughts on “New Law: 59 – Recruitment Law

      1. None for you, Gigs. You didnt eat your vegetables, so you get no Nickmen for dessert. (SHIFTY)

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