Vote to Repeal Law 44

Original Law:

44. You cannot murder civilians in any non warzone map unless the players are within a sex/porn/rape map.

For repeal (+): 10

Against repeal (-): 6

Vote Ends: 6/12/15 6:00 PM ET

Vote has ended, the law has been repealed.


31 thoughts on “Vote to Repeal Law 44

  1. Little bit by little bit, Aj is tearing down GSA, trying to take us back into the dark ages…

    Why even bother with this, if you’re gonna be inactive all the time anyways, Aj?

    1. Since you know you have no real arguments against what I’m trying to do here, you try attacking my character instead. lmao

      1. Aj, we have many many many many many many arguments, but you ignore all of them.

    2. Actually, when you guys start complaining about my laws on the chat, I take the time to argue back. But I guess that’s beyond you guys now to argue against the position now, so you instead go for straight insults against the person while ignoring his argument.

      1. I do listen, that’s why we debate back and forth, lol. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean the argument holds no clear logic.

  2. I voted + just for the reason that law also prevented us from shooting annoying civils. But I’d like there to still be some type of protection for them, since we don’t want GSA to be like it was in Jason’s time. GSA Soliders shooting down countless randoms just because there could. Perhaps instead of repealing the entire law all together, we try to refine it?

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