I’ve got a few hurtful things to say about this spy attempt so prepare your rear-ends.

I love how this idiot had the time to create that many alternate e-mails.

I like how he acts that there are many infiltrating us when there is nobody, just him running around spamming.

The I.P addresses match. Unfortunately ‘its’ genitals probably do not.

If the “spy” wants to continue spamming, I’ll make things interesting. 🙂

In short, I issue this as a warning to anyone who tries to do this in the future, pack up, grow a pair, get out, or do what you claim to be doing properly.

If you see similar E-mail addresses in the comments, contact me. Whoever is reading this.



20 thoughts on ““Spies”

  1. guess i’ve been exposed
    it was all me all along
    eagle knew all along which is why he banned me
    he is a wise leader

  2. Lmao GG, nubby spies.
    Also- When Rinzler makes a ” 🙂 ” face, what he really means is; “Rapetime. (GOO)”

    Anyways, lets see if anyone we know also has that IP.

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