Galactic News!

This just in:

The mental asylum escapee blackbird makes a propaganda based post on his own site, scientists are still unclear why his balls are still non-existent after this show of complete shame to boost an ego. 

The congress is close to having that meeting about NSA and stuff, go vote or something. I don’t know they didn’t pay me for this bit. 

All citizens are requested to not endorse in 420blazeit activities.   

The Architects guild was recently disbanded due to lack of progress. No official comment from any of those involved.

Sweden’s coordinates if used as color codes, become blue and yellow, guess what color its national flag is. BLUE AND YELLOW! *Black and yellow black and yellow black an… we bring this intermission to begin discussion on the weather.

Weather alerts: 

Majority of Federal colonies are under storm warnings, prepare to get wet. Not in the good way either. In other less important stand points, ships have been grounded till the weather clears. Numerous warp storms are expected.

A notice from our sponsors:

GFC, Now with real Chicken!-  

Armistice, Delivering Tomorrow, Today.-    

Dino Shipwright and Military Concern.-

American Eagle Fashions-

And I’m your news anchor C.O.O Rinzler, and this has just been new new new new news. New new news? New news, yes. Enjoy your mornings.

[Sniper]: Made it glow, cuz glowing stuff is cool c;


34 thoughts on “Galactic News!

      1. Wait- So, COO. Rinzler, the ex-assassin/Founder/main character becomes a new anchor?… Retirement?… XD

  1. I find this kinda funny because BB is like the ultimate PMS. Nice one second, then the next he thinks that he had beaten all of the clans he has declared war against.

    Guys, clan wars are not ‘won’ or ‘lost’ unless one said clan ‘dies off.’
    Sound familiar?

  2. U caught me to late I have your strengths and weaknesses of your clan. And I am still in. I am a now below a Lt. But above a recruit. Lets play a game: I eat and I live. Stop and I die, I can’t be controlled unless u take 1 away from 3. I will eat you alive and then you will die. What am I? Figure this out and u will find your spy. Delete this comment and u will loss your spy.

    1. I already know who you are Forgotten Warrior/Inferno Blayze/Nicki Minajo/Jayz’s pimp/Quickscoperxxxxxx/MasterDisaster/Sas4 pastor.

      1. Also you aren’t even a member, but GG. You’re a guest on chat, have no site rank and we don’t have secret pages for you to ‘spy’ on. But seriously GFG.
        GFC did better even when they used fake chicken.

      2. Also, ‘Inferno Blayze’? staph stealin mah namez. I am teh one and Only Commander of the Blazes Inferno, Supreme and ruthless.

        (maybe not that much, a little overboard)

    2. Sorry but I study your members. I am non of those people but they can join our army. I am still a member for I am on the member page. Jay can die in a hole for all I care solve the riddle and the member your looking for will be revealed. I will add something to help: I do breath and have blood but I’m hard to kill.

      1. So u must pick, am I higher rank or am I what I said the recruit higher Lt. Lower I want nickman to figure it out… Or banana reaper. I was let in a lot longer than you think… Some time before 2015.

    3. So, umm, is this guy another “all powerful spy whos going to destroy GSA”, or is he just an idiot… Or both?

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