This was coming…. [Architects vote]

Voting time has expired, vote has passed. The Arch division is hereby disbanded.

Righty-o got a vote here. Not going to sticky it but pay attention to it.

Expires 48 hours since first vote.

FG Only vote

After some inspection and observation, I’ve discovered that the Arch division is just Jon now. That’s not…very useful at all to be quite honest.

We may as well just make the maps a page rather than delegate things to one ‘Architect’.

So here you go, decide whether or not we should disband this.



Also this goes out to a very specific person who I know is going to do it, but save the wall of text, this is a management decision. There’s no use having a division for one person and separating them from the chain of command. In my personal opinion we should scrap the Arch Division until it can be trusted with a larger quantity of competent people. (PS: One of the FG Please update the vote counts if I can’t sometimes.

Thanks). -Rinzler

[Sniper]: You shud gib me H.Arch… I do stuff…


22 thoughts on “This was coming…. [Architects vote]

  1. Please note that just because the division could be disbanded does not mean map making will be neglected, it will simply be relocated and under a more common banner.
    For convenience and usefulness to the general community rather than kept elsewhere and un-attended unless the FG yell on chat.

    1. I can still see purpose for an over-seer,

      perhaps say that anyone can make a map, but it must be approved by someone in charge before it can be added to a page or made official in any way.

      1. We’ll check out means to continue the map making trend, but the division won’t be of much use in this state.

    1. Technically you cant vote on peoples behalf, but ill let this go since Aj is obviously biased enough to vote + for this…

  2. First of all, follow post regs, hoe. xP

    Kso- The members list is incomplete. We’ll get more members soon-

    I was going to seperate the Architects and Maps page for organization. >_>

    No reason to disband it- Doing so will just complicate things, and cut the potential short… >_>

    – , of course.
    Ill be sure to save everything. ._.
    And, as i stated before, its not a “1 person division”, and it does not separate me from chain of command. It merely allows me designation of who can access specific information, and the command of architects who have WILLINGLY signed on, in regards of division related activities.

    And, Rinz- Its not even in full effect yet- Things will come together.
    (Used the format of the post- Obviously.)

    1. This is an FG only vote, I’m over-ruling you here, since your excuses never end and productivity goes further and further away.
      You may keep bickering, the facts have already been displayed by several things.
      That pile of poop we called your presidency.
      The fact you made the only productive member of Arch quit.
      You’ve openly stated once or twice Arch allows you to negate certain chain of command nuances.
      This isn’t the first time I’ve threatened to close it, I’ve done it before. You barely picked the slack up then, now you’re just mumbling keeping the division open.
      So here it is, actual measures taken this time.

      1. FG only wasnt in the post until now- xP
        I agree, productivity has slowed- But the same can be said for all aspects of GSA.

        And ffs, i already explained, my presidency was not bad- It was just stagnant. I waited for collaboration with specific people, and that slowed stuff down until the term was over. >_>

        And, as for Sniper- He quit because he’s a rebellious nobfak, and because i was taking his bribe-acquired rank away-

        Ive never openly stated that. XD
        The only way i can negate chain of command is regarding specific information, which is rank restricted.

        And, yes, i need to work on the division. Ive been busy, k? >_>

        Also, might i note one thing about Sniper… He’s only productive to make me look bad. He used to be in charge of the architects, if you remember. Nothing was EVER done, until i started making changes. >_>

      2. ‘Scuse me Jonb?

        I get shit done…In just 1 day I improved the Arch page more than you did with a week’s given time.
        I also WILLINGLY improved it even though I quit Arch.

        Stop blaming other people.

      3. Sniper, you claim you were H.Arch before i was, and that you were forgotten.
        What did you do then? xP
        I will admit, you have made good progress, but your intentions are questionable.

      4. I was TECHNICALLY H.Arch… I never got to do anything with the rank however.

        I can barely remember this time period, but it was after PTR ranks was removed, right?

        And what do you think my intentions are? I quit Arch, but I still make maps. Arch is an idea of a community of map makers, not a necessity.

    2. The entire issue is that you’re doing nothing now too, so it doesn’t really matter who’s in charge the division is as stagnant as your presidency. I’m not responding to your further comments, since you fail to understand basic common sense.
      One does not simply say they are working yet have no way to show it.
      That’s like me saying I’ll adopt a cat and then not bring a cat home.
      Or Kim Kardashian saying she’ll get less botox in her face but doesn’t get it.
      Jokes aside, whether you or sniper are in charge of Arch it is not being useful.

      1. The fact you let your distractions and ‘issues’ come in the way of 6 months where you could have recruited and make this a flourishing division were not done for the sake of your procrastination, is reason enough to scrap it.

        At the end of the day your words mean very little to me, since I see you say the same things each time I revise this issue with you.
        “Hey Jon, how’s Arch going?”
        -“Slow progress, but we’re doing stuff.”
        *Checks, no stuff has happened at all.*
        It’s a bit too little too late, for me to believe that you are serious about actually doing any form of work now.
        If you want in the future you may re-create the division provided you are reviving it with at least more than 5 members. Otherwise I will deny the re-application on the spot given your talent at repeating your own history.

        You can rant, saying this isn’t fair. But what really isn’t fair is that this happened twice before. The first time was verbal, I requested, I even said please and thank you. You acted completely ignorant, kept doing what you were doing.

        The second time, I gave you a deadline, under the threat of punishment that if you failed to achieve the productivity that was required, I would scrap your division and horse whip you.

        You picked up the slack with minor progress, sniper got involved, you made a few maps with things that seemed fancy.
        Weeks later, you began doing nothing again. The collaboration ‘crap’ you were talking about regarding your Presidency is nothing but an excuse. If you really were collaborating with other people for new ‘things’ name these people and what you were planning. And don’t tell me they were just law edits and then name random people, I’ll personally send you a FedEx courier with kitty litter dirt.

        This is the third and final time I am prepared to be patient with your nonsense, I’m sick and tired.

      2. Blegh, dont even know where to start correcting this rant. XD

        Progress has been, admittedly, slow. I have been working on other things, dealing with various problems- And yes, doing useless stuff. xP
        Have beeen busy otherwise as well.

        I wont rant about how its not fair, because honestly, i should be further along than i am- But honestly- We would still have the old crappy Architects division if not for the gradual changes i have made. (And once again, back then, when Sniper was H.Arch, nothing was ever done.)

        And- About my presidency- I planned to make then-needed changes to recruiting, promotions, and various improvements.

        And, Aj, it was not “collaboration”, it was trickery…

      3. Your association with Gigoto was trickery? Well you willingly engaged in it and you were reluctant to get out of it. So no, you weren’t tricked.

    1. No, they are merely using it as an example.
      Some may still hold a grudge, but its not exactly relevant.

      1. At first it was just a example, but it evolved into more about your presidency and less about you being the only architect (etc.) as the “discussion” progressed

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