The Return

They said legends wouldn’t return after their long slumbers, poured down in the deepest of earth to be sealed away from reality.. well i punched that statement in the face and came back eitherway.

I apologize from my QUITE long period of inactivity.. at the time i was hospitalized and pretty much unable to do anything till now.. i have returned and hope to be part of our greatness.. i do have to catch up with A LOT of stuff.




16 thoughts on “The Return

  1. there’s a pretty strong correlation with people who’ve played pb2 and end up being hospitalized for long periods of time wow

    welcome back

    1. You’re right, Tethy…
      Lets see, how many times has this happened…:
      First, Gingex.
      Then me.
      Now Ismail.

      I seem to remember someone else as well. And, this is just within GSA… Pb2 is officially cursed. XD

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