Sniper Vs Jonb

Sniper has challenged Jonb7 for the position of H-Arch.  This will be a three part thing, but let’s start out with this: GSA, who’s maps (Sniper or Jonb) do you play more? Sniper’s – (4 vote) Jonb’s – (3 votes) Vote ends 5/2/15 6:00PM ET

[Jeep]: Since when do we let people “challenge” others for their ranks? The answer is we don’t. Nick should shut this vote down.

[Sniper]: It wasn’t going to be a “challenge” thing in the first place. I would have been promoted to H.Arch normally. But then I suggested a vote and Aj made this thing.

[Jeep]: Well if Jon wins then there’s no punishment at all for talking to Gigoto. Aj just needs to freaking do things normally and stop making everything overly complicated.

[Rinzler]: Going to have to put the old foot down and say this form of voting isn’t supported under our laws and is hence considered invalid and defunct. Do things properly or don’t do them at all.


22 thoughts on “Sniper Vs Jonb

  1. *cough*
    I’m sorry, did something happen while I was sleeping? When did we start the process of challenging people over ranks?

    In that case, I challenge Jonb7 to his rank of Colonel, and XForce to his rank of Marshall, and I also challenge Nickman101 to his rank of CL. Shall I continue?

    This is incredibly…useless. There are only two people in the Architects division, and it is ‘slightly’ debated on it’s usefulness after the Day of Terror.

    1. Stahp being a skrub. I’m being nice to u by making it vote k. xd

      Aj was gonna promote me to H.Arch anyway

      Stop ur whining, I’m giving u a chance xd

  2. Even if sniper wins, he cant legally get H.Arch like this… XD
    And, hes not even responsible enough for Tier 2. >_>

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