New Bill [Frozen]

Only the ranks of Private and above can participate in votes.

I don’t want some recruit to join, not know about anyone, and be able to participate.

Vote ends May 2nd

[Nickman101:] This bill cannot be passed as of now because it violates the 26th Amendment and the 8th right in the GSA Bill of Rights.

(+) 6

(-) 3


19 thoughts on “New Bill [Frozen]

  1. Since this clan is invite only, obviously when we invite someone in we find them worthy of being a citizen of GSA. I’m sure they’re smart enough to look out for GSA’s best interests and vote for the best resolution.

  2. – Not required given our law structure, given how ‘often’ we hand our promotions to some of our recruits this would be highly unfair.

  3. I just believe that since we have an invite only system, we won’t have anyone who will blindly vote one direction or the other because our new recruits will be a little bit brighter than that

    1. Still, at the rank of recruit, theres always risk. A recruit would not yet be familiar with how GSA works, and there may be a chance of them being a spy. (Though the invite only helps with the latter.)

      A bit off topic, but, we should take some action to better train our recruits before they get to Pvt., as i have noticed, we dont really bother with recruits nowadays. xP

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