Major Announcement

Under the direction of Ajbenius and Nighthawk, the clan ISC ( is to be merged into GSA on 4/25/15.

[Nickman101:] Why?

[Jeep:] Ya srsly.

[Bravo]: Clan merged–unstickied


24 thoughts on “Major Announcement

      1. Most of us agree with it.

        Night knows the members, and i doubt he recruited anyone that GSA would not.

  1. Merging? Wha? Like, are they just converting into us? Don’t we need Nick for this kinda thing?

      1. Segregation could become a problem- But at the same time, it could be an advantage, encouraging more competitiveness between members.

  2. Well, honestly, this is not much of a transition. Many of ISC’s operations were along side GSA- And we were already allies. Not to mention, its leader is one of our leaders. The merge will be practically seamless, most likely.

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