Concerning any future demotions

Okay we have a court.

We have a judge.

We have an Attorney General.

Want to punish someone? Charge them. Have both sides talk.

Then let the system do it’s JAWB.

Regarding the PZK thing reinstate his mod, either-way we have changes coming up in that department. Personally and arbitrarily I see no way to charge him for inactivity with that form of punishment just yet, there is nothing for him to DO. We took away his position and we’ve changed games.

[Nickman101:] Yep restate his mod.


5 thoughts on “Concerning any future demotions

  1. Rinzler, there’s plenty to do. We still need new recruits of which he could do, or he could do his job of keeping spies out of GSA like me and AJ have done countless times since he stopped doing this. At least the other mods do some crap(like make maps or whatever) whereas he comes just to argue or troll and then leaves abruptly.

  2. Hopefully nobody’s actually considering taking away Pzk’s moderatorship. I can only see that Nighthawk has a personal vendetta against him but I don’t see why anyone else would.

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