Concerning My Mod

Nighthawk took away my mod, this is his rationale:


Is it legal to take away an officially sanctioned mod on these terms? Please respond.


24 thoughts on “Concerning My Mod

  1. Night… SMH

    Sniper doesn’t do anything but he’s cool
    XForce doesn’t do anything but he’s cool
    Rinzler doesn’t do anything but he’s cool
    I don’t do anything but I’m cool
    Jon doesn’t do anything but he’s cooler than Bravo

    I could name more, this demotion is highly irresponsible and you should be reprimanded. Nobody should have to be stressed over doing something 24/7 to keep their moderatorship. WE ARE FINE WITH HOW WE ARE RIGHT NOW. This isn’t America, we aren’t in a bad economy, we don’t have to talk about change all the time, don’t be a jerk Night.

    1. Sniper abuses his mod.
      XForce is Marshall, so technically hes entitled to it.
      Rinzler guests me all the time. ;-;
      I keep out the feglets, AGSA, and ex-EKAT. And mood, of course.

      As for Pzk, since the mod reforming, hes not technically supposed to have mod yet.

    2. I’ve taken away Sniper’s mod loads of times and he makes maps for GSA which is something,
      Xforce goes on and tries to train you assholes but none of you take him up on his offer,
      Rinzler watches the chat at night so that’s something,
      You come on to troll and don’t do much shit which is one of the few reasons AJ has taken away your ownership because you honestly don’t deserve it but that’s just my view on you,
      Jon makes maps for GSA so that’s something,
      Pzk on the other hand goes on just to argue with people and he doesn’t even use his modship, he hasn’t made a map or caught a spy despite that being his job(to catch spies you can thank AJ and me for that part and not Pzk) so of course I consider him to not be doing squat because I personally do not see any effort coming from him.

    1. We’ve been remodeling them, at least trying to. Sniper is most likely going to lose his as well since he abuses, Jon abuses sometimes, and others just have it but do stuff in GSA unlike Pzk who just comes to argue and then leaves, he hasn’t caught a spy(AJ and I have done this mainly) which is suppose to be his job, otherwise he’s not contributing anything to GSA other than just being there which is at best, something a recruit can barely do.

      1. We don’t require daily contributions to retain the moderator rank right now. It sounds to me like you guys just don’t like Pzk and you are punishing him for it.

      2. I only ‘abuse’ people who dont get banned because people like them. XD *coughghostehzcough*
        Anyways, we should really make mod requirements more strict, and force mods to do their jobs. xP

  2. Why does Delta force and MMC hate GSA so much is it because GSA is better than them both combined, or is it because there a bunch of dumb fucks looking for a fight.

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