Delta Force Destroyed


The DF ran away in tears of sorrow and embarrassment.O7riurVA DF Spy even helped us nuke their own base!

[Nickman101:] Waw what an n000bs r dey an giv me les drouges je suis une toxicommande


24 thoughts on “Delta Force Destroyed

      1. Your typing skills are giving me eye cancer. e.e
        Anyways, good job defeating an FGSA! You did such a good job! 😀

      2. Seriously? Keep up with terminology.
        Fake GSA.
        Or as i like to call them, FaGSA.
        Anyways, its obvious- Look at that ridiculous tag. XD

  1. when da fuck did this happen, cause it never did. no GSA ever beat us and we didn’t “go crying”, unlike you guys who cant accept defeat, even when its the most obvious.

    1. No, I am not on the GSA’s side, but I might suggest you “play defense” by creating more secure bases, and adding a password to your bases when you play them. This would make things much more difficult for the enemy, and it would allow you to switch back to offensive tactics. While the MMC actually did little combat time with GSA back in the war, when I started creating more secure bases, the GSA couldn’t even touch an MMC base, especially with our modified weapons (do this to).

      Also, regarding the fact that the GSA and the MMC have a neutrality pact, and Gigoto is up my ass telling me that he does not want me to “hurt the GSA in anyway”, and considering I have the EOD and Itami clan to deal with, I will have to step down as Co-Leader of DF. I will be helping you all with the Guest Regime Clan though when the time comes. Until than, Good Luck Mates 😉

      1. The best base is easily defended due to tactical advantages- Not being ridiculously impervious.
        When your enemy has hope, you can destroy them further.

  2. lel the first base up was abandoned, the second one was less guarded,these guys trying make it look as if we ran away in fear.

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