Hey guys, Ben here and this is goodbye. Maybe for good. I told myself once i turn 18, whichi did last week, I’ll get off these chat groups and do something with my life. So this is it. One final goodbye. Was in gsa fir 3 years,  became president twice (didnt do nothin lol ) V.P a handful of times,  got placed in the fallen legacies in boa, i think ive done enough. shoutout times

Jeep, I know we’ve fought, argued but i can tell you this. You are probably my best friend in gsa. I mean that. N kik pls

Banna aka rerr aka big daddy ill fokin miss ya m80

Ajaybeanus, we fought like everytime you were on the chat, but deep down,  i know i reslect you for what you did and currently doing in gsa.

Eggle aka my lover. I have gained custody of the children, you’ll hear from my lawyer soon.

Nitethehawktgefgtlient now when a man lovs a woman…,

Jon and sniper the fgt builder squad, ill miss both if ya

Fanus, r u rlky gurl find out next time in dragonballz

Teffles “ayee flippers”

Kera lol

Xforce xhorse kid cudi is god

Everyone else ihy

Seriously though ill miss you all, i might pop back in every once in a while,  but idk.

Iso press x 4 sex

Big shoutout to Rinzler and Hawk, they have been with me for a long time, rinzler in ejat and hawk in gsa, ill kiss u eabs

Stay Gold.


53 thoughts on “Goodbye.

  1. Goodbyeye Ben, you were a awesome dude(despite all the sexual stuff I guested/kicked you for xd) but overall, you were a cool person to hang out with. I’m glad to have known you for even a while and now that you are leaving, I wish you good luck on your journey into the real world and you’ll be missed by us all. And you’ll get war veteran seeing as you’ve been in GSA for that long and of course have not been some spy or whatnot, again farewell Mr.LegendaryBen

      1. I’ll miss you too bro, have some fun and have an amazing life beyond this cruddy game stuff, and the janitorial spot shall be left closed until you come back to us in the afterlife

  2. AYYYYYEEEE luve you ben smooth sailing in the seas of life, now and forever stay shiny homie
    thanks for being my homie forevs

  3. what? my fabulousness isn’t enough for a shoutout? ah well, Ben, you’re a good man, and I respect that. Hope everything goes your way bro. We’ll slap you in the Hall of Fame or something, I’ll yell at someone about it.

  4. jesus fukin christ y ben y u r good janit0r m8.
    we’ll mees u ;-;

        1. I was a legit member for two years, fucked around in boa a bit came back quit, came back again and now quitting again

        2. You cared enough to comment on this post which did not concern you. Or unless your on your period, which is understandable

      1. Well, he joined for a while, and at some point he left. And joined again. And then, i think, left again.

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