Well this just got interesting

Anybody care to have a ban appeal ready for me?


36 thoughts on “Well this just got interesting

  1. Everybody knows I’m not religious, but I still think that banning someone for that reason is wrong.

    They probably only have that rule because they fear that users of different faiths might be offended by seeing the mention of other religions. The problem is, people can be offended by mostly everything. I could get offended over a person with [SS] in their name, but does that mean that the mods will ban that person?

    Maybe they think religion has no place in a flash game. Maybe they’re right. But why then allow users to input their motto in their profile in the first place? Any motto they put can potentially be ideologically charged – but those are fine in PB2.

    Someone shouldn’t be banned for having Christian Clan in their name, no more than I should be banned for having Republican or Vegetarian in mine.

  2. Jeep, just stahp sending the message. People only pretend to like it because of peer pressure to be nice to christians. >_>

  3. Jeep’s slogan: Jesus is Gods son. God made everything and he made it perfect but we sinned (did wrong) and everything got messed up and God sent Jesus to die on the cross and save us from our sins. 3 days after his death he rose again :D!!! btw God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are all God all one God. i know its confusing u just need to accept it by faith. if u believe all i have said here all u need to do is confess to Jesus ur a sinner and ask him to save u + come into ur heart. do this and go to heaven when u die like m

    It’s kinda saying that if you’re not Christian you’re a terrible person and I understand why the PB2 people want the slogans to be religious free. It’s kinda shoving it in people’s faces, but that’s just my opinion.

    1. There’s no point in becoming some butt hurt individual over a message you could easily delete if you don’t like. We now live in a time where everyone and anyone is “offended” by anything and everything….

    2. Ugh….

      “Shoving it in people’s faces”
      The first word is “Jesus”. They can see that word and decide not to read any farther. I’m not holding a gun to your head and saying “READ THIS OR ELSE”.

  4. To ban Jeep over this is wrong in every sense. Why make the life slogan option if you can’t put what you want? And it’s not like it is degrading, racist, rude, or vulgar. And about the messages he sends, he is neither pushy or rude. He does not spam and order one to read it. Besides it’s a message, if you don’t like it then don’t read it. Is it truly that difficult? Even if you get started reading it and don’t like it just stop and delete it. One click and problem over. I know people are lazy but geez, and it’s not like he spams you over and over with it. He makes sure to send one message per account. I can vouch for that. The world has become so bossy that people will order someone to change how they live just to suit their petty whim and fancies.

    Offensive?!?! Some people take offense like it’s a limited time offer! If that is the case what about all the other people in PB2? I find that when I get a kill on someone and they call me a host of rude names rather offensive. And if people can sport the Nazi / SS as a clan tag why can’t Jeep have his Christian tag. The other day I saw someone sporting an ISIS tag going about shouting ALLAHAKABAH and I’m pretty sure we all know about ISIS by now.

    In my opinion they need to stop farting around with miniscule matters such as the slogan on his OWN account and handle the many other bigger problems. Such as the influx of ragers who ruins the game, the annoying sex / “I need a gf” matches, the trolling Guests, and matches titled with bad words.

    1. “Some people take offense like it’s a limited time offer!”

      Quote of the year.

  5. Well actually, a friend of mine raised a good point. Now before I say anything, I am a Christian so I am not being prejudice here but, he said that it is a privately owned site. Owned by one person who let his “employees” make the rules. So technically, they have every right to ban but, if you do not like it, then the fuck with them. Just leave. But I will admit it is pretty stupid.

    1. “Spamming” is doing something repeatedly.

      Sending the same message one time to multiple people is not spamming. And I’m getting rather tired of that terminology.

      1. Oh. I thought maybe he did something and the mods didn’t do anything.

        I was kinda hoping that was the case because it would prove what I believe is going on here. And that is Dariy is being a little bitch about Jeep’s religion and instead of tackling bigger problems he focuses on Jeep’s slogan. Because he is prejudice against Jeep for being a Christian thus using his “mod powers” in an unjustly manner. First Amendment’s just been thrown out the window.

        1. I remade my account. They deleted that one and banned me again. -.-

  6. Well, Dariy, I do not give a fuck about your status of being a virg- oops that’s so offensive. Back to the topic. I don’t care about your moderator position. What in the world is your purpose? Just to annoy people? Come on, I will let you watch Fifty Shades Of Grey after this and see how you can be offended, piece of shit. Jeez, don’t be too offended, nigga. Jeep does not spam anyway. imo the reason why you are against it is because more butthurts will be spawning right in your pus- oh not again. btw your PB2 community shall be called – Butthurts International. Period.

    P.S Go be a butthurt, fishturd.

    ~The Diamond Legacy, legenda.

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