The best MMC analogy ever. Of all time.

So today, Sniper made the best analogy for MMC ever… Of all time.

And its so perfect. XD












That is all.

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20 thoughts on “The best MMC analogy ever. Of all time.

      1. But they taste good.

        I usually eat a double cheeseburger btw. Then another one. Then fries. Then a M&M Mcflurry.


      2. The cheese has no actual cheese. The burger has no meat. The fries have no potatoes. The cake is a lie.

      3. Well Kalahanas, I am an American and I am skinny. Not all of America is fat, well, I think 33% of our population is fat, but you can blame the fast food joints for that. But it doesn’t matter to you, you’re part Russian.

      4. @Kalahanas
        I am an American and I reckon I am more on the big side rather the “skinny” side. Do not get big and fat mixed up as there is a difference. Fat is flabby and big has more muscles. Where I am from a lot of the guys do have some weight to them but those guys can really throw the weights too. Being a little fat is good though because one can turn it into more muscle. The ones who are skinny can not gain muscle no matter how hard they may try because they have such a high metabolism. And in a scrap the big guy can take the skinny ones and pile them on top of each other.

      5. HaHa Maybe your definition of a skinny person is different than mine. But when I say “skinny” I mean pretty much skin and bones. People often use skinny as a generic term when what they really mean is fit. I was just trying to point that out. Skinny is by no means the definition of a fit person, at least not in my book.

        You are right though, size does not always determine the outcome of a fight. I like the saying, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

  1. Eh, I don’t really like McDonalds either. The only time I ever go to McDonalds is when I’m going to buy a sundae. I prefer Wendy’s. ;p I just love dem loaded fries and asiago chicken ranches… But if I really want to stuff mah face, I’d go to Sizzlers, buy the buffet, AND STUFF MAH FACE WITH CHICKEN WINGS, RICE, BURRITOS, BEANS, PEAS AND MASHED POTATOES WITH CHEESE SAUCE WITH BROCCOLI SOUP!!!!!!
    *and am still skinneh :D*

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