Well, I can’t say it is a resignation post. I am gonna say it’s me retiring from this clan. So here is a short speech for you guys and my goodbyes. So I will go ahead now and return what I really enjoy and get all this clan stuff off once and for all.

I would like to thank the Founder’s Group, the CL and everyone here for letting me in service of the Galactic Security Army once more. I wouldn’t have never have without you. My service here proved me something and that is that I’ll forget, and I hope my time spent in GSA here will get you guys to remember something. We lived, we fought, we survived, and now we are here, waiting for the open opportunity for the GSA to have a new start of their current generation and order. I hope GSA may last longer than what I would anticipate. But as of anyways I’m going to thank all of the FG and most of them I haven’t mentioned, thank you as of anyways, cx.

We have spend a great number of our time of laughing, getting along and enjoying the fun that we get. This is what I imagined for the clan before and I hope more of it will happen, it’s sad seeing many of our members sad and depressed but showing that we actually do care for most of our members and showing the respect  ofwhat it is truly means to be a GSA soldier. And as for my efforts of this clan, I may feel that I haven’t done much to help the good of this clan but I hope it is enough for the best of this clan as of anyways, getting to do some things the GSA should’ve considered and I least I made a majority of it happen.

BananaReaper – Stay yellow, and blend in with the yerrow people. Don’t rot, k.

Ajbenius – You may look like a tyrant and Kim Jong Il, but at least you were OUR own. Keep up the war blood and rekt noobs

Eagle619 – Continue sending all the democracy and take all their oil for the Glory of America.

Jeepdino – You maybe one of the most weaboo (well now you are) GSA members I ever met, stay loyal to your anime fantasies

Nickman101 – y u no visit jee ehs any moar cyr cry, i thought u were cul, ily.

NighthawkTheValiant – You’re cool.

And to the rest of the GSA, it’s been much an honor for being a President and also the last. But unfortunately I mentioned that I will only be staying here temporary and today is the day that I will make my departure. Thank you all and live to fight another die!

So uhh, yeah uhh this has been your uhhh 35th uhhhhhhh president of the uhhh Galactic Security Uhhh Army. I will now go ahead and uhh shove a dildo-resembling uhhh nuke on Kim Jong Un’s ass. But as of anyways, goodbye! ^^



12 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. One of the best presidents of the GSA we’ve had in a long time, if not the best. I didn’t get to know you as much but I do know you were smart, a team player and all around a wonderful person to work with, I wish you good luck with your endeavors and you shall be made a GSA vet, seeing as your commitment and dedication to the GSA constitutes you as one of the best of GSA, someone might deserving of that rank, As always stay classy and thank you for being our President Faunus

      1. Well that’s part of the story but since she was here she can come back to GSA and retire (chew)

  2. Members such as yourself are what keep GSA’s legacy living, through good times and bad. The changes you have made will shape our future for certain, and we thank you for your service.
    You shall be missed.

  3. I got banned in the GSA chat by Ajbenius, for being in the MMC chat. Maybe he had though that I am a member of it. I’m not. I would like to be un-banned for such an misunderstanding.
    Can I get un-banned?

  4. But in all honesty, Twas nice having ya here with us. A fantastic GSA member that shall be remembered. And a Great Prez, we really did save the best for last. Thanks for being here Buzz. 🙂

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