I joined xat today and everyone’s telling me that I’m doing nothing and I thought “why did i become COO?” Well before I moved to my new house and had to take 2 months off I kept complaining about how presidents didn’t fucking do anything. I’m obviously now not doing anything.

So here’s something new, let’s collaborate and think/act together and once I get the general idea I will make a vote (nobody steal the vote I AM GOING TO BE PISSED IF YOU DO… ®”

I’ve listed controversial issues and my topics that I think should be addressed. The numbers represent the idea, obviously, and they are in numerical order (obviously). This will make sense later:

1. People with higher xat powers can mod/member/guest/kick/ban at will unless told otherwise by a higher ranked person & a higher ranked person can undo a punishment relating to xat powers unless being punished themselves.

2. Zero tolerance for swearing/sexual language

3. Tolerance for disrespect

4. Tolerance for spamming/trolling

5. If a higher ranked military member that is (insert number) ranks higher than you, s/he can decide in an instant if you get demoted or not and his/her word for this should be taken absolutely seriously.

6. Marshall’s role in the military & XForce’s activity

7. The quantity of mods online & how to choose and reduce/increase them (or if they should stay the same)

8. PlazmaPowerMan’s council

9. Censorship of the comments section on posts

So, post your opinion about these topics in the comments. Since this weekend is one of those weekends that I have no time for I’ll look at this post mid-sunday and make bills out of the ideas.

Example (these are opinions to fictional topics that are just random so I don’t influence decision making):

1. I think Georgie is a really good president and should keep his presidency forever

2. Though I see why this is a controversial topic, I like it the way it is right now

3. Obviously this goes with idea #4, but we should be strict about these types of things.

4. Like mentioned in #3, we should really…

I’ll post my comment Thursday

Also, someone make it colorful pls ty


7 thoughts on “BRAINSTORM BBY

  1. I got banned in the GSA chat by Ajbenius, for being in the MMC chat. Maybe he had though that I am a member of it. I’m not. I would like to be un-banned for such an misunderstanding.

  2. 1. That’s how ranks work? Only higher or equal ranks can order eachother. Lower ranks are…. lower ranks. They order people below them. It’s a ladder.

    2. Um, k.
    “Shoves semen down the tube”
    that’s something along the lines of what Sniper said the other day. That’s inappropriate, unneeded, and honestly kind of immature. And EVERYONE does it. There’s no need of it.

    3. If there was zero tolerance for disrespect everyone would be recruits. Especially with how “jokes” go in this community.

    4. Spamming is spamming. You get kicked/guested for it. If it continues after 3 warnings you get banned. That’s how the laws work.

    5. You can ask for a trial.

    6. Technically isn’t the martial the one who organizes training and that jazz?
    Xforce is so-so active. He needs to enforce my law when people refuse to train.

    7. Aren’t we doing that right now? I think they quit the job, what’s up with that.

    8. Hah. Hah… ha.

    9. Edit out inappropriate words, done.

  3. 1. Yes

    2. Above where Jeep quotes “shoves semen down tube” it’s funny, I smiled, I don’t think there should be ‘zero tolerance’ as to swearing and sexual language.

    3. The disrespect thing should be removed. Seriously, it’s only being used if someone doesn’t like another. Let’s say an FG is having a bad day, they insult someone and that someone insults them back. The “someone” gets guest banned. Remove law 1.

    4. Forgot why I put that there, the spamming and trolling is a given what was I thinking.

    5. I think if a person 2 ranks higher than you in the military should be able to demote. Though they should demote carefully.

    6. I have not seen XForce in…. A LONG TIME and Marshall as a rank shouldn’t exist. If there is a dedication that they should have XForce should be replaced.

    7. I think generals, government members, and the marshall should get mod, otherwise mod be revoked from others. Think about it: there’s a limit to how many generals and government members there are, and the limit is already pretty big.

    8. “Hah. Hah… ha.” – Jeep for pres 2016

    9. What I meant by censorship is deleting comments that are posted by Gigoto and Miranda. I think that comments should not be deleted unless it is a direct insult or just downright negative

  4. 1. This doesn’t float well, I personally give warnings unless I know the individual is known for acting out so I kick them/guest accordingly. Not to mention not all of our mods are as bright as they ought to be when it comes to membering complete strangers. And we have laws implemented against certain punished people, I believe the FG decides on whether a punished individual shall remain punished or not.

    2. Of course we ought to have this. We are after all Teens and becoming adults, we shouldn’t end up like the EKAT chat(ask me for details on that), although perhaps we could have it so certain things may be said but then again, people abuse it so no. Besides, we allow you lot to cuss, that ought to be swell for now.

    3. I tolerate this a lot, I don’t mind as much when someone calls me a name seeing as I am older, a Supreme and I set the example on how to act(although I admit there are times when I do not follow this creed of mine, we are after all not perfect)

    4. This is just a flat out no. If you spam or flood, then you block messages from others and may cause someone’s pc to crash. (for ex Ghostehz PC crashes or lags a lot from spam)

    5. The Supreme was voted and inducted to be the FG group for a reason. We are made to overlook GSA and our judgement should be well enough to decide whether to demote or fire, etc.

    6. I like the rank, and Xforce tries his very best to help. It’s just that none of you lot take him up on his offer to train, and he does have a busy schedule like many of us. Not to mention Xforce is a great guy, very well respectable and admirable.

    7. The quantity of mods online & how to choose and reduce/increase them (or if they should stay the same) I personally think we ought to have mods who are level headed. Meaning they are smart( Not that they need to be “book smart” or “street smart” entirely, just smart enough to think with reason), go on a lot or most of the time, and genuinely care for GSA. I like to think 5-7 mods are good enough, 5 would be best seeing as most owners are on a lot.(Mods can serve as the eyes when a owner is afk, likewise for when a mod is afk)

    8. I am iffy on it only because of the idea of certain people running it.

    9. This ought to be settled on a certain basis: The comment is overly exaggerated, complete BS, propoganda or overall wasted space, then it should be removed or censored.


  5. Can we add “changing this terrible fucking site background” to the list of issues, this background mades the text difficult to read and that bright spot hurts my eyes ~_~

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