War(On Battledawn)

Alright Peeps: War is among us in Earth 3 on Battldawn. I, Night, will lay out a basic plot of what we are to do. Everyone else(Including the ministers or whatever involved) can add to this. The war began yesterday people, so be alert.

We need everyone to prep all of their available ships and attack certain clans around us. Now I’ve included a key of some sorts of what we are to target beforehand, so that we have a general idea. Note that this is now The Attack Plan since I still need input from all of you so don’t complain yet.




Red=Learn to read and follow the instructions placed for these. One is a commentary, the others are warnings.

Blue=Hit these after doing the red and black.

Black=Hit these right away, the closer they re to us the more f#%$ we are. Flashbacks to Fantasy 2 should be coming right about now.

This is our format for now, more to come from you peeps if you give your input. Oh, and I even took the liberty of color coding the post and the colors for the format. Stand strong ladies and gentlemen, never compromise not evne in the face of Armageddon. Oh, and black is in white since I doubt any of you would think about highlight the empty space where it’d be. How kind of me.

Night out.

[Nickman101:] Wow u scrubs playin BD pb2 5 life (cry2)


10 thoughts on “War(On Battledawn)

  1. I got banned in the GSA chat by Ajbenius, for being in the MMC chat. Maybe he had though that I am a member of it. I’m not. I would like to be un-banned for such an misunderstanding.

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