President’s Speech – Stuff in GSA

Hello, members of GSA. This is your current President Faunus speaking about the situation and how the clan is maintaining. And about you, so let’s get to it. This is like a weekly address for the clan I suppose.

It seems that the clan has been much more calm ever since now we only invite people instead of just letting them join at a local GSA recruitment center which we do not make anymore, nor establish a GSA base. This has been the best solution in the Galactic Security Army and I myself is proud of it. But that is what I am not happy about is usually the clan drama involving the members and sometimes involve some FG members itself. This is what I am disappointed sometimes and I understand that it always happens and we can’t do anything about it. But that is not so true. We can stop drama and we can turn GSA into a drama-free clan if we had the confidence enough to work together into making this happen.

Now this is my final week of my Presidential Term and I am doing best to do what I want to change in this clan, for the good of GSA. Once again, it may not be the best, but the fact is as long as it works in the clan, everything is okay. I added the Battledawn Promotion Regulations so now GSA members are able to receive promotions from playing BattleDawn and BattleDawn galaxies. I hope soon I will add a lot more options, and I take some time to think of new opportunities for the clan, for the people. Do not be afraid to make suggestion. Same for the FG. They shouldn’t be afraid to give me, the president some suggestions and I will consider those suggestions and see if I can make it happen if I like it that is. Heh.

Situation with Diplomacy – I am well aware of comments coming from many people who usually stalks our website, usually the ones that are in enemy clans as well as other trolls who just make childish threats. But what do we not understand that making enemies is never the solution. We are not warmongers, (*cough exceptforajnooffense *cough*)and I hope that will stay that way. Except for competition and fun normal wars which is not serious unlike the last wars that GSA has successfully fought in and survived bravely on, we can keep up the good work and the troll may go away. Never feed the trolls, always a bad idea. So, let’s continue maintaining our current ties with clans and things may go alright for us. Even though we don’t care for any small threats but always be cautious about them. Everyone should do so.

Everything else – I am also well aware that many people who are wishing to join the Galactic Security Army, well anyone cannot join. What makes you not understand that you must be invited by a recruiter? Either that people are really stupid or yet, lazy to read the join page from what I see. Oh, and it seems that there has been lacking training for a while. Xforce79 our Marshal is trying to get members to train with him but unfortunately none of them wishes to do so. So I am considering an enforcement soon. I do recommend that members must participate in these sessions, in order to be experienced and fight higher ranks during promotion tests more efficiently. A tip when you do promo tests. Well that is all, folks, thank you for your time. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the commentary, thank you cx.



10 thoughts on “President’s Speech – Stuff in GSA

  1. 46. If you are called upon to come to a training map or defend a base, then if you have the ability, you are obligated to join and assist in said map, failure to follow this law will result in 1 day ban from the GSA chat each time, with an exception of 1 per day. In other words, if you are called to train with GSA once a day, you must join. But if you’ve already trained with other GSA that day then you are not obliged to train again.

    It’s like you guys haven’t even read the laws.

  2. Very nice, but Xforces training sessions, and indeed ALL training sessions, are useless. We will be leaving PB2 and moving to NH, and THEN these training sessions are critical. Of course, some light training in PB2 would be nice, but not required because of reasons stated before. I propose that this to not be enforced until NH, during when Law #46 will be strictly enforced.

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