My Time

Hey guys, I’m sorry that I can’t spend time on Xat chat and right now, I am in a bit of a pickle for time management.

During the weekdays: I have school, I am in a private school with high competition and demands and I am almost maintaining straight As (fuck you French)

Every 2 weeks: I am at my dad’s house, he moved back near my home recently. Hopefully some of you understand what it’s like not having a dad. Though I have my step-dad who really loves me (and I love back) he is not a replacement, he is not blood, so when my dad is sleeping and I am at his house I play League or whatever my friends are doing at that time for like an hour and then I spend time with him. I come back early Sunday.

Every month not including those weekends mentioned above: I have sailing races that are HOURS from my school where my friends pick me up and I sleep over at a hotel and I sail for the entire day, and at the end I come back and sleep, giving me Sunday to do homework and hopefully relax and maybe join you guys on Xat if you’re online.

Every monday and wednesday: sailing practice and I come home at 8PM

That leaves Tuesday, Thursday, and the one weekend I have free per month, including A LITTLE time on the Sundays mentioned above (work is crammed in those days). The weekdays, as some of you know, I come on for like half an hour a day because I really like you guys, but school work is a necessity. I am thinking of resigning from COO to a hopefully not-so-low rank and I want to let you guys know I am trying lots to fit my time into my schedule but it’s really hard. Hopefully you understand.


P.S. stickied because I wanna feel important <_< don’t hate

[Nickman101:] Je comprende mon ami, J’ai une similair vie dans ma maison aussi avec l’ecole et tout. C’est dure.

BIG UPDATE: the next two races after the most current one have been cancelled so that means I can spend more time with you guys! 😀 and thus ending the season of sailing races–I am not resigning.


10 thoughts on “My Time

  1. Goodbye fellow FG member, although we hardly had time to work together when I was a COO, you were a decent person and a damn good guy before the whole Jason fiasco. Therefore, good luck with your endeavors and I wish you the best with your life. Stay classy.

  2. First of all, yes, Bravo is a douchebag.
    Second, yet again, a stereotype, about ‘true sports’.
    Finally, i already warned you about comments on our site. If you continue pointlessly spamming and starting flame, you will be restricted from commenting.

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