Vote – Removal of Law 56. [Denied.]

This law is ridiculous, seriously. I don’t see the point of having this law, when it makes us look so limited when we go to war, I don’t think guarantee that the EKAT division can win the war alone, we still have decent GSA members who aren’t in the divison and with this law we don’t let them participate in duels unfortunately so I wish to remove this. Another fact is that many members don’t wish to participate in training. Xforce has been talking to me that no one wants to go train, from that this could be why Law 56 was established.

56.Only members of the EKAT division may fight in official battles with foreign clans unless the Ekat member chooses  to invite a player/etc(P:1st degree)

+  to remove (2)

– to keep (6)

Voting duration – Expired, no changes occured.




14 thoughts on “Vote – Removal of Law 56. [Denied.]

  1. If you are “decent” enough to fight against an enemy in a scheduled duel, then you will be in EKAT, or you should join EKAT if you have any interest in dueling other clans and believe that you have the skills necessary.

    A lot of clans like to fight battles in duels, and these duels consist of 1 to 5 players usually, so EKAT does have plenty of the means to rise to the challenge and fight other clans.

  2. As Nick said if you’re good enough to fight on a schedule duel, then you’d be in EKAT because the way most clans fight wars in Pb2 are in the form of duels. So it’d be best if we had our best players on the field doing so.

    And Gingex, this law only applies to Pb2, meaning in games like BattleDawn, everyone and anyone can be a huge help in the wars there. Games like BD, unlike Pb2 gives everyone a part in the warfare of GSA, the only reason anyoen wouldn’t have a part in GSA clan wars in general is if you don’t’ even try to make on for yourself.

  3. If you’re EKAT, you are the best, hands down. I rather have only our best fight than have our less qualified members fight. Needless to say, we’ve seen our average members fight before, and the results, as many of us know, weren’t so hot.

  4. + this is bullshit. It limits us HUGELY. Members WANT to fight in wars, and EKAT legit can’t win them all. No matter how many times you want to deny, when No Heroes/Call to Arms comes ’round, you guys won’t be the best anymore. Think of the future here, you guys won’t always be the greatest fighters. there’s others that can be better then you at other games. I may be bad at PB2 sure, but No Heroes? I could be amazing. There are members good at other games, and just limiting duels to EKAT would only hurt us in the end, We aren’t going to be a PB2 clan much longer, and Buzz has the right idea with removing this.

    This is for our future guys.

    Stand Proud!


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