Architects guild concepts + Need editor. Hoes.

Today, i was considering on what to do with the Architects division, and have come up with a few concepts.


First of all however, i need editor. ._.

So, as for the concepts;

First of all, the ranking system must be changed, as it is simply incomplete.

There should be some type of promotion system within the guild, however, it must be based upon trust and loyalty more than skill/LDR/etc, though it may have factors of both. Need to think carefully about this.

There should also be laws specific to the division; punishments for revealing higher tier tech to low tier people, etc.

god i sound fascist…

And, finally, a bit of a unique concept; The apprentice system. How this would work is, we find particularly skilled new map makers. We first teach them the basics of advanced design, and anything they dont yet know. In turn, they co-develop technology with us. These people could also become GSA recruits.

With this system, our map makers could potentially acquire new tech at a quicker pace, and perhaps gain new members. In addition, this could overall benefit the community by giving a new generation of map makers the experience they need to make good maps.

And of course, ill complete the maps list.


Tell me what you think in the comments. 😛

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10 thoughts on “Architects guild concepts + Need editor. Hoes.

    1. The reason for promotions relying less on skill and more on loyalty is, Architect ranks determine tech access more than chain of command.

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