Extending the Promotion Act [Confirmed!]

CONGRATS – Extensions have been officially approved, FG please start making new vital updates on the website, I’ll be doing the same, thank you for your votes!


Okay, so remember that last post I made which shows more promo options for the clan, well, I plan to add those options by extending the Promotion Act that will able to give the GSA members more ways of getting promoted, and this is will give more freedom for the lesser members as well as benefits, no member here is useless, everyone here matters.

The reason why not many people can’t be promoted because they don’t play plazma burst 2, so I wish to create and allow these options for them to take their paths on how they want to be promoted and gain upper ranks. So yeah, GSA will move to other games such as No Heroes soon, so yeah that’s why. I want to prepare GSA for No Heroes first however.

Promotion Priorities and Opportunities –

Many GSA members who are wanting to do promo tests, not many of them aren’t recommended but some are doing by the requirement such as waiting for a week and such and I think the problem many FG or high ranked members are very busy with all the stuff here most of the time, so I would like to add some new opportunities and more ways for our members to be promoted


  • Activity – Some members are capable of being active everyday in the GSA chat, if they are active longer than 3 weeks, they they can one promotion up, however, it may be only 2 or 3 promotions max since being active only helps the GSA showing it’s activity. And it’s not frequent, it is rare meaning that you’ll get promoted but you most likely won’t gain this promotion because it shows nothing to help the GSA
  • Helping lesser members, many officers should help members get promoted, such as giving them the opportunity to let them do duels with them, if the officer does a very well job at promoting lower ranks, then he/she deserves a promotion for excellent aid on lower members.
  • For GSA members who does not play Plazma Burst 2 or any games that GSA plays on, then he/she can get promotions by the FG or an officer asking many questions which is similar to the promotion regulations for officer ranks. Maybe 10 questions and if they answer well or they know what they are doing, then he/she deserves a promotion.
  • Promotion Regulations for other games – All of our promotion regulations are in PB2, so what about adding promotion regulations for other games, especially games such as Battle Dawn, No Heroes, whatever game GSA has colonized, I think this could be a window of opportunity for members who do not play PB2.
  • Trust, Loyalty, Respect, and Discretion – If the FG, the GA, or the CL finds so much trust in certain members, then either that they should consider giving them a promotion if that certain member deserves for good reputation within the clan and how much the member understands the system very well. However it should be rare that the FG promotes certain members and they would not do so very frequently.
  • No GSA hasn’t been training nor participating in them for a while, if you participate and do very well in the training sessions for a while, then you can be at least recommended or get the promotion for good performance
  • Aiding other members in their hour of need, hosting training matches that are successful. If you do host training, a promotion maybe possible, but HOWEVER, it is rare to get promoted by this option


+ Extend the Promotion Acts and add these options and more promo regulations.(8)

– Do not extend the promo acts and just stick to the current promo regulations (1)

Voting has ended early to insufficient Presidential Term duration.




9 thoughts on “Extending the Promotion Act [Confirmed!]

  1. I vote + for these new updates, due to the fact that PB2 is going to go out with a few months or so.

    I am technically spamming, because I posted 3 comments within 5 minutes…hm…

  2. But I recommend that any member above a certain rank should be able to promote for any reason they deem worthy, like how it was before.

    All this stuff is too much to keep track of.

  3. + Neds some adjustments but sounds decent. Might be too much too keep track of and could lead to more work for the FG, but we’ll cross that bridge when we need to.

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