Recommendation, Opportunities, and a Vote

Okay, since I do not have any much plans to propose and show on the GSA atm, I do have some recommendations for the clans to make an adjustment on so here is all the content I wrote on here that I strongly encourage for the FG to do something, not just me and the Vice President, on and the GA and the CL.

Promotion Priorities and Opportunities –

Many GSA members who are wanting to do promo tests, not many of them aren’t recommended but some are doing by the requirement such as waiting for a week and such and I think the problem many FG members are very busy with all the stuff here most of the time, so I recommend some new opportunities and more ways for our members to be promoted


  • Activity – Some members are capable of being active everyday in the GSA chat, if they are active longer than 3 weeks, they they can one promotion up, however, it may be only 2 or 3 promotions max since being active only helps the GSA showing it’s activity. And it’s not frequent, it is rare meaning that you’ll get promoted but you most likely won’t gain this promotion because it shows nothing to help the GSA
  • Helping lesser members, many officers should help members get promoted, such as giving them the opportunity to let them do duels with them, if the officer does a very well job at promoting lower ranks, then he/she deserves a promotion for excellent aid on lower members.
  • For GSA members who does not play Plazma Burst 2 or any games that GSA plays on, then he/she can get promotions by the FG or an officer asking many questions which is similar to the promotion regulations for officer ranks. Maybe 10 questions and if they answer well or they know what they are doing, then he/she deserves a promotion.
  • Promotion Regulations for other games – All of our promotion regulations are in PB2, so what about adding promotion regulations for other games, especially games such as Battle Dawn, No Heroes, whatever game GSA has colonized, I think this could be a window of opportunity for members who do not play PB2.
  • Trust, Loyalty, Respect, and Discretion – If the FG, the GA, or the CL finds so much trust in certain members, then either that they should consider giving them a promotion if that certain member deserves for good reputation within the clan and how much the member understands the system very well. However it should be rare that the FG promotes certain members and they would not do so very frequently.
  • XForce has been aware that no GSA are not wanting to train with him, you know if you train enough along with him, maybe the officers, the FG, the GA, or the CL can recommend OR give you a promotion.


Benefits for the Lesser GSA –

The GSA members have been aware of what the Government of what they like and what they do not like, I think it’s wise for us to hear what they say but it seems that we barely give the lower ranks any benefit at all so heres several recommendations and opportunities as well I plan to do several law changes

  • Either remove or change Nick’s law regarding that only EKAT division members can participate in duels. I think it should be only EKAT to do so, it should be for GSA who are experienced enough to win duels, because everyone (well almost) wants to fight and raids and skirmishes aren’t enough most of the time.
  • EVERYONE in the GSA must treat all members equally, regardless of what rank they are, however, by law the lower ranks must still address the officers as ”sir” or madam’ unless the officers wishes not to be addressed as that. No officer shall subject members with hate, and ignorance. THIS APPLIES TO THE LOWER MEMBERS AS WELL.


Respect is usually gain for officers from the lesser members, but unfortunately, the officer and the higher ranks usually gives the lesser GSA the disrespect and immaturity so I would like to fix this problem that is common in this clan

  • The FG sometimes forget that the lesser GSA have a voice and feelings. It’s best for us to hear what they say and what they want the FG to consider to do that may work for the good of this clan. That is why we have Freedom of Speech, and sometimes the lesser GSA never has the chance to express what they want to express. The Third Right gives them this
  • Everyone must be respected, however, there is times where you must EARN their respect. The FG or ANYONE shall not force members to respect them, that would cause trouble and even more disrespect.
  • Everyone in GSA shall get fair treatment, I don’t think some people shall get treated specially because they are ”Old GSA” and because of their past, but it’s wise to make them start over just like many people did.


Before I became the president, I had many assumptions that some FG members (Not all FG members) or anyone always have the urge to slander other members and ruining their reputation which this cause this would get them fired because of deception and false accusations. So I would like to enforce this (unless there is a already a law regarding slander, then either update this post)

THIS IS A VOTE BY THE WAY, SO [ VOTE ended, the law will now be added. ]

57(56 maybe? Eagle added the one nick made, so I guess this could be 57) You do not have the right to slander or damage a member’s reputation in anyway to get them fired or demoted because of dislike or hatred towards that member. (P:2nd Degree)

+ Add this law (7)

– Do not add this law (0)

So now, I would like to hear from EVERYONE, not just the Founder’s Group, but everyone in the clan. I want to hear what you guys think about this, is this a good thing for the Galactic Security Army? Let me know.



9 thoughts on “Recommendation, Opportunities, and a Vote

  1. +

    Everything in yellow I would not like added, except for promotion because of great trut and loyalty in a member, and an officer constantly and consistently helping other members. I honestly think that if they can’t play Pb2, than they can earn promotions by taking part in wars on other games such as BD and earning a recommendation for it. TBH, you probs could’ve earned a recommendation this past week because of all the stuff happening in BD! Partaking in things like training, wars, or even recruiting can all be done and earn you a recommendation.

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