Earth 3!!!

Calling All BattleDawn Players! Earth 3 is on TICK ONE! I Repeat, EARTH THREE IS ON TICK ONE!

I set up at a good place and started the GSA alliance, join ASAP!

Set up here ^



Faunus: We have been defeated. DTOD overwhelmed us, but not the ones that still have protection, we are still having our stand in Fantasy 2 so far.


9 thoughts on “Earth 3!!!

    1. Yes, we will fight until the end in F2 against S1K. If we fail then we will focus on earth 3. For now, it shouldn’t be that hard to play two strategy games, ones that are as slow as BD.

  1. Nick.
    Do you have any problem with me using
    As My tags, as a instead of “[GSA]Wv.” War Vet?

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