GSA: Chronicles

I don’t know where it all started. It’s real hard really to pinpoint an exact time where this all began, where our lives were changed forever.All I know is it started somewhere after The Overthrow, somewhere when we thought we were in our new “Golden Age”. But we were wrong. The thing about this whole mess was that it didn’t start right away. No, this spanned across for a while, this took time, time where we weren’t paying close enough attention to notice what the bloody hell was happening to us till it bit us in the ass…Ah but I’m getting ahead of myself. The way I see it, it happened after that whole overthrow of Jvinh. We called it The Beginning of the New GSA. I remember it oh so clearly…

Battle of Barkui


“Sir, Nickman wishes for you, Jeep and Jon to meet up in the debriefing room. He has asked if you could also speak to jeep about the recruit problem you were given yesterday as well. Shall I prep your weapons sir?” Guardian said to me as I made my way down the hallway connected to the main hall trying to process what the A.I. had just said. “Today was suppose to be my day off from all of the madness that is warfare going on, ever since the collapse of EKAT we’ve worked effortlessly to shut down any neo-Ekat groups that have tried to jump start the now dead EKAT.” I thought to myself as I passed several GSA members chatting and laughing to the right of me. We had put in major efforts just to rid the galaxy of their very name after they suddenly just died. However, the stress of working with various organizations and coordinating the strikes on their remaining forces had worn out the FG greatly, myself included.It had taken a while but we finally eliminated the last of the stray groups just last year. Our leader Nick had allowed us FG members to take several days off for relaxation so that we could all recuperate and recover from our efforts since he had seen just how worn out we had grown. But now he was asking for me and two others, one a FG, which came off as peculiar to me. “Why would he need two FG members and one of our best pilots?” I thought passing yet another group of GSA members talking and discussing a new menu for the cafeteria.”Oh Guardian I nearly forgot about you. Sorry, yes prep my Phenoix fighter ship as well.” I said suddenly remembering that Guardian had been waiting for my response the entire time. “Of course Night. Oh and sir, is everything alright?” Guardian said as I rounded a corner and entering the dorm wing of the GSA HQ. “Yes, I just got caught up in my thoughts Guardian, that’s all.” I said suddenly remembering why I was going to the dorms. It wasn’t long before I reached Jeep’s quarters and sighing deeply, entered. I walked into Jeep’s quarters expecting the worst. Jeep usually didn’t take kindly to “suggestions” to his behavior, let alone something that he most likely didn’t cause to begin with. Still, I had to at least remind him, and seeing as I spoke more with him, I was the perfect candidate to remind him. The minute I strolled up to him he instantly noticed me. “Hey Night.” Was all he said, but I knew from the tone of how he said it, it was not in a welcoming way. “Jeep.” I answered back steadily, “I’ve gotten some reports of you picking on some of the lower ranked GSA soldiers. Word is that you complain to them about acting like kids, which if tru-” “You got to be kidding me.” He cut in. “Did they really complain after they made fun of that little stunt one of those idiot pilots pulled the last time. Who was this, was it…” Not wanting to escalate this any further, I replied “Look Jeep, it’s not good for us to badger any of our soldiers, especially not any of the recruits since-“He swiftly stood and walked over to me in a second it took me to finish. “Look Night, I don’t give a shit so long as they leave me alone, hell I didn’t even throw that last recruit that far. Not to mention the fact that I already know this. Now leave me alone alright and I’ll leave you alone.” He said glaring at me. “Alright then mate, but let me tell you this. If I so much as hear about this again, you’ll be hearing from me. Guardian, let’s go.” As I walked out, Jeep slowly turned back to what he was working on but not before uttering the words “I’m only trying to toughen then up.”I stopped and smiling, said “Jeep, I know you are. But you should try to be just a tad bit less strict, otherwise Nick will have both are heads haha. Oh, I nearly forgot. Nick wants us both down in the prep room. Sounds like were going on a mission with Jon.”


“Night, what’s your status, over.” said Jon over the G-coms as we flew over the crystal blue waters of the Barkui river.”Right behind your squad Jon and Jeep’s, we’ll be going in with yours and Echo 3,4, and 5’s today, over.” “Alright then, try not fall too back behind us Night, over.” snickered Jon as his GSA-Phoenix gunship flew past ours. “This ought to be fun.” I thought as I sped up my Phoenix gunship and zoomed past Jeep’s gunship catching up to Jon’s. As I caught up, I noticed the chaos that had befallen Barkui, the city we had been assigned to survey by our leader Nick. It sounded like a easy enough task, but then again with what we had going on the past few years nothing was ever easy. What was once a thriving and booming city now lay in near ruins. Several buildings were on fire and even then, other caught on fire due to the harsh winds. I looked at all the damage and couldn’t help but think who the hell could have done this to such a beautiful city. “So Night, what exactly is our mission again?. The briefing didn’t do much to explain what were doing here and Jeep’s err overview didn’t help either, over.” said Jon as we neared the city’s urban outskirts which weren’t on fire. “Well this city was attacked by some sort of unknown faction a couple of hours ago Jon, our U.I Scanners couldn’t pick up who it was for some reason and HQ wants us to assess the damage and find any leads as to who it was and why they attacked this city,over.” I responded. “Seriously? I thought it was some rebel group or som-” “It wasn’t some small time rebel group Jon. No rebel army could do such damage to such a well protected city, over.” interjected Jeep over the coms.”Ladies, Banana and Xforce are approaching the other side of the city by now alongside their squad Hotel, over.” I said as we passed a disfigured stock building.”What the hell, I thought it was only us Night, we can’t be having the entire damn FG here. Who knows if this is some sort of setup or something, over.” Jeep said.”Well, Banana insisted he come and of course Xforce felt he needed to come if I was going, over.” Jon said.”Alright then, let’s land in the GSA’s corporal building alongside theirs and from their we’l-” was all I heard before the ship behind us was hit by some sort of mortar. “Echo 4 is down” buzzed the comm as Echo 5 was hit by a mortar near it’s cockpit.”Shit, everyone prep your jumpsuits, were getting out of this bird before it’s hit!” I roared as Echo 6 was hit twice in the sides and crashed into my airship. “Jump soldiers, JUMP!” I said as our airship began to twirl towards a building. I jumped just as the airship collided with the building and was thrown to the right by the explosion. I struggled to hit my parachute as the debris came crashing down and I pressed the emergency release on the chute. My thoughts soon began racing as I started my descent into the thick gray smoke beneath me. “Who could have done this, who could have struck us so easily without our advanced scanners picking them up?” I thought. I couldn’t think much on it though as I suddenly crashed into the solid soot covered ground too hard, not having timed my jump correctly. Pain instantly shot up into my right arm as I tried to lift myself up on that arm. The pain was too much and I sat back down. It took me a while before I realized my med pack had a pill for intense pain and I took it out and swallowed it hard as I took in my surroundings. My team was nowhere to be seen, and my arm was most likely busted or worse. I knew that they had to be nearby, but I wasn’t sure if the other squads made it, all I remember is Echo 4, 5 and 6 were hit. I couldn’t help but wonder whether Hotel’s aka Banana and Xforce squad had went down as well. Not wanting to waste anymore time, I activated Guardian and he dislodged from my back, “Sir are you alright, my readings are picking up a bruised arm and a broken wrist.” yes, I’m alright, nothing I can’t handle.” I said rather calmly as the pill’s effects took place. “Guardian, do you pick up any of the others signals? “Yes sir, 5 located, 1 lost and another heavily wounded.” responded Guardian. “Shit, Echo squad do you read? I said into my G-wrist device.” Hotel do you copy, over? Banana, Xforce do you copy, over.” I said trying to pick up any sort of signal by then. All I heard was static from their end of the side until my transmitter picked up a faint signal from what I assumed was Echo.”Night, gah I read you. Madman, our medic, didn’t make it, and Firestrike is bleeding heavily.” responded Jeep. Alright then, I’ll be there Jeep, use the orange pill in your med pack, and keep applying pressure to the wound, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” The area I was in appeared to be a lone street ravaged by some sort of previous bomb. There were a few bodies lying around, but I dare not examine any at the moment as I need to find and meet up with Jeep’s squad and hopefully Jon’s as well, not to mention find where mine went. “Bravo Squad do you read, if you do, head towards Jeep’s signal, I’m going there.” I said as Guardian sent the signal to them. “Guardian, how far are we from him?” I said as Guardian calculated the distance.”Sir, we are a block now, I’m picking up Echo squad’s members heading as well but Jon’s signal is still unknown as well as Banana’s and Xforce’s at the moment, will continue running scans.” I rounded a corner and finally saw Jeep, I sighed deeply as my fellow squadron reach the rally point as well on the other side from where I came from. I quickly told our own medic Blackwatch to attend to Firestrike’s wounds and walked towards Jeep.”Ah Jeep, you don’t know hard it was getting here, next time, I’ll pick the rally point mate.” I said sarcastically to him as he responded “Well next time learn how to land, and maybe next time I’ll try not to crash heh.” He said.”Hey, where the bloody hell is Jon, Guardian couldn’t pick up his sig-” I was cut off by Jeep shoving me away from a incoming mortar strike. He had jumped but was knocked farther from me as a sharp ringing noise rang in my ears. I looked around at my teammates; many were either critically injured or dazed like me. I got up and stepped forward, trying to walk but I fell over, not being able to get up, I called out to Jeep and heard him call back faintly from the other end. Eying him twenty feet away, I noticed his visor oddly looked like a bat from afar…I was snapped back into reality as a nanite mortar exploded into the building next to me disintegrating a section of the building into nothing. More and more of these rained down upon us as I struggled to get onto my feet and avoid becoming melted sludge. They melted the already burnt metal of the buildings around us into nothingness, the victims of 100 years of missile perfection being tested on a new generation of hapless victims. I managed to get up and take cover under a piece of scrap metal just as more and more bright lights began to appear around me as the nanite bombs did their damage to the already damaged city. It wasn’t till after it stopped that and I finally got up that the first wave of enemies began pouring over the destroyed building sections that had been fallen from the bombardment. They began to fire upon us and I saw several of my men hit along with Jeep’s. I quickly realized this wasn’t some stray rebel faction, this was war, they knew we were coming and they hit us hard. I called out to any remaining soldiers to fire back and retreat before calling out to Guardian. Not getting a reply back, I rushed over to where I last saw Jeep, hiding behind anything I could to avoid the gunfire around me. I noticed a enemy soldier in front of me and quickly pulled out my blade before stabbing him and taking him down slowly. I eyed four more coming towards me but before I could react I was knocked swiftly in the face with the butt of a gun. Despite wearing a armored helm, the pain from having landed on my busted arm and the glass cracking cutting me slightly from within caused pain to shoot in me once again. My vision blurred and I struggled to react as the soldier checked his dead partner and looked at me. I tried to recognize the armor and weapon he was using as he aimed the barrel at me, finally recognizing it as a EKAT model just before Jeep tackled the soldier to the ground. He slammed the soldier into the ground and ripped off his helmet, before shoving a pistol into his face and pulling the trigger. I was about to thank him but he was knocked to the ground by the previous four soldiers I had seen and we were both knocked unconscious.


It went black for what seemed centuries before I came to as our captives dumped water on me Jeep and Jon. Two EKAT soldiers walked in and one of them piped up “Well well well, if it isn’t Night, Jeep and their lapdog Jon. Command will be pleased to hear we’ve captured two higher ups and one of their star grunts.” “So this is what happened to Jon. where the hell is Reaper and Xforce.” I muttered under my breath. “Hey Shard, can we kill that grunt of theirs? He tried to blow himself up with some ‘heartbeat bomb’ that he said he made when we went to get him from that downed bird.” “As much as I would like to say yes, my E-Wrist says this one is their Head Architect and one of their star pilot with knowledge on most of their aircrafts, so for now he means more than a maggot.” I looked around and noticed we were in some sort of half destroyed depository for refining the precious metals found on this planet. “Where’s that evac ship, we need to get these pieces of shits off the planet before the GSA realizes it was a setup. Sludge, stay here and guard them, me and Killboy will go see if the transport is here.” I started running several scenarios in which we could escape and finally after a couple of seconds, resolved on one and gently nudged Jeep. “Jeep, Jon, I’m getting us out of here, but I need Jeep to run towards the guard and hold him down with his weight and Jon I need you hit the switch on my back alright.” Both Jeep and Jon looked at me with a quizzical stare but nodded slowly. I waited till the guard looked away for a sec just enough to run at him with jeep behind me and drop kick him. He quickly jumped on him and Jon hit the switch on my back, activating the homing beacon for Guardian to find me and in a matter of minutes Guardian showed up. “Hello sir, nice to see you in one piece.” “Hello, Now’s not the time for small talk. I need you to cut us loose.” “Sure thing sir.” As Guardian cut our bonds off, I walked over to the EKAT Jeep was on and shot him in the head. “Alright guys, Guardian’s going to suppress fire on the other EKAT while we exit from the back, whatever you do keep running.” “Night, you think he’ll hold?” said Jon. “I know he will, he’s tough as hell.” And with that, jeep kicked out the backdoor and we began running away from the building as the EKAT returned and opened fire, Guardian firing back. “RUN TOWARDS THE NEAREST BUILDING!” I shouted as we dodged a hail fire of bullets before jumping into the building and bolting it with some broken chairs. “That won’t hold Jon, we need to contact HQ and radio in a escort.” said Jeep. “Guardian, contact HQ and tell them it was a ambush set up by none other than EKAT. And tell them we need a escort here yesterday. Any remaining GSA members, evac is in the remains of the Tera metal building. I repeat, evac is in the Tera metal Building.” I said. “Wait, how the hell do you know where we are? We were in some random ass factory and all of a sudden you know?” said Jon. “Well unlike you, I actually studied where we were headed in case shit hit the fan. And it did.” I replied. “Damn Night, you do this for every situation?” said Jeep. “Nowadays yeah. Let’s head up to the top of this and securer a proper LZ for our bird, we need to get out of here in one piece alright mates?” We headed up through the destroyed building and began making preparations for the LZ. We only had a few minutes to spare before the EKAT broke through and we opened fire on each other. “Jesus, were running out of ammo, where’s that evac!!” shouted Jeep as we fired back. “I’M HIT, I’M HIT” shouted Jon as I slid over to him to assess his damage. “Shit, you’re bleeding pretty badly. Jon you gotta stay with me, I’m going to give you this red pill, it should numb the pain but you need to hang on.” Jon nodded and I shoved the pill into his mouth before applying pressure to his wound in the hopes of keeping him alive enough for the evac to show. “Ah shit, were out of ammo, and I don’t know how long that A.I. of yours can last. Were screwed Night.” A explosion coming from where the EKAT were grabbed our attention as we saw the remaining members of our squads begin to open fire on the EKAT in the building. “Well ah shit, looks like we aren’t FUBAR.Echo, Bravo, we need you guys here pronto. Where’s Blackwatch?” I said. “Right here sir, I couldn’t save as much as I’d like to, shit went to hell pretty bad right there.” he said. “It’s alright mate, but who you can save is Jon, he got tagged by one of those EKAT’s a few minutes ago and I gave him a red pill to numb the pain. “Will do sir, where’s the evac?” “Coming anytime soon.” Said Jeep. We moved Jon to a safer spot just as more EKAT poured into the building and began opening fire. “Hey, I wonder why they aren’t just bombing the hell out of this building?” said Jeep. “Maybe it’s because they know you and I are here, I doubt they’d want to give up two high value targets to oblivion.” “I guess, least we aren’t dead. Yet.” I said as bullets went careening all around me. “Guys, look the transport’s here!” shouted Blackwatch as the transport S1-Overwatch began firing upon the helpless EKAT’s.”Load up Jon and Firestrike, man that gunner Night!” shouted Jeep as we double timed into the carrier. “Jesus Quema, what the hell took you so long?” I shouted over the roar of a hundred bullets being fired out of the gunner I was in. “Well I was trying to pick up Banana and Xforce but I nearly got blown out of the sky, did you guys pick up their signal?” Quema said as he steered the carrier away from the building just as it suddenly got firebombed by a GSA-Jet Strafe 100. “Wait you got their signal? What the hell are we doing leaving the city then? We need to pick them up!” I said as Quema dodged a mortar that almost took out the right wing where I was gunning down soldiers. Everything went black suddenly before I snapped up dazed. I look at Jeep who had dragged me out of that and laid me down on a table. “Quema we gotta get outa here! We need to get Jon, Firestrike and Night outa here pronto!” Jeep shouted as he got started on removing a piece of metal in my stomach. “No…we ca-….can’t leave them here Jeep. There’s way too many EKAT here and we need to he-…..” I said almost passing out from the effort put into just saying that. Jeep noticing my condition, took off his helmet and said “Night there’s nothing you or I can do, if we turn this back, then were all dead.” “I can save them both…Guardian has a spare parachute…I just need to jump and the-…” Jeep cut me off before I could finish. “Night dammit, you can’t go in your condition.” Before I could respond he injected me with a sedative and like that I was knocked unconscious.


“Where…where am I….Guardian, Guardian!” I began to say before the nurse pressed me down. “You’re in the Medical Wing Nighthawk, everything alright.” she said warmly. “Where’s Banana and Xforce? What about Jon or Jeep?” I said frantically trying to look around me. “Banana and Xforce are due to arrive any moment now, they barely got out of Barkui alive.” Jeep said appearing from my right side. “That will be all he said to the nurse before turning to me. “Night, how you’re holding up, you took a big one to your stomach, nearly killed you.” Jeep said. “Well you know me, I’ve been through worse.” I said slightly chuckling before stopping, laughing hurt like hell. “That’s good to know, lie down and don’t worry, they’re safe.” “What about Jon and Skyforce?” I said weakly.”Both of them are alright too. We managed to treat their wounds without infections which is pretty damn good if you ask me seeing as they were out there for a while.” he said. “That’s good, damn sedatives…” I mumbled before falling asleep.

A little taste of what I am writing for GSA.


[Sniper]:Added glows and colours (You’re welcome Plazma c;)


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