Vote for net neutrality; 0 days left

Hello, fellow GSA, and fellow internet users.

As some may know, the FCC will make a vote on net neutrality.

What this means:

If the FCC votes not to support net neutrality, ISPs would be allowed to focus data on the corporations that pay more, leaving sites that do not pay in slower ‘lanes’. This could harm GSA to an unknown degree, slowing down wordpress, xat, Pb2, and other websites.

If the FCC votes to support full net neutrality, then all internet lanes shall be equal, giving users full freedom, and making the web an equal playing field for all sites.

If you are able, sign this petition, and let it be known that we, as a community, and as a nation, support net neutrality.

Mozilla advocacy

signature 01 (NBG)


8 thoughts on “Vote for net neutrality; 0 days left

  1. I know I’m not a GSA member but trust me, 1) ekat is back,
    And there is apparently an attack on march 4th by the revolution clan and maybe DF. Keep people unblocked unless it is me plz I do wish to join but always banned.

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